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The World’s Strongest Coffee Drinks

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Around the globe, drinking a mug of coffee every morning exceeds being a routine; it is a tradition. To most coffee addicts, taking one cup is simply not enough. However, it is very crucial to always keep in mind that caffeine in the coffee is a type of a drug and to someone with low caffeine tolerance or not used to it, coffee can be harmful.

The Food and Drug Administration suggests that a maximum caffeine intake of 400 mg per day. This is roughly about 5 or 4 cups of coffee of a typical blend. Formerly, the maximum recommended intake was 300 mg per day.

Most of these coffee drinks are prepared from Robusta or Arabica types of coffee beans which are worldwide grown. Currently, the coffee brews being prepared are becoming stronger such that these brands are providing enough of the desired caffeine content intake in a single cup. One such coffee brand is Biohazard Coffee.

In this article, we will look at some of the strongest coffee that are currently available in the market.

Peet’s Espresso

(Image Source: Tea & Coffee Trade Journal)

Peet’s is widely known for the introduction of Arabica coffee that was dark roasted like the French roast plus various grades suitable for espressos. It is based in San Francisco and was started in the mid-1960s by its founder Alfred Peet. This company is considered among the establishing businesses in the trade of gourmet coffee.

Currently, it is popular for preparing strong tasting java from its process of deep roasting. Addition to its taste, the medium roast certainly has more caffeine.

One of its products, Peet’s espresso, contains a caffeine content of 70mg per shot with a capacity of 1.5 oz. fl. The Peet’s brewed java blend is the top seller in the national java house chain.


Starbucks Espresso

(Image Source: Starbucks)

Starbucks Company is the world’s largest coffeehouse in with more than 21000 stores in over 60 territories and countries. It has about 12000 stores in the USA alone. This coffee chain was launched in 1971 in Seattle where it was a java bean retailer and roaster before it rapidly expanded into various parts of the world.

They are popular for their various coffee drinks of various sizes like the 30 oz Trenti and 20 oz Venti. Starbucks Coffee chain markets numerous high-caffeine java beverages through its brewed java has a very powerful effect.

Currently, their famous Starbucks espresso has a caffeine capacity of 75 mg per fluid ounce (shot). However, remember that based on the brewing times plus other factors, caffeine amount within a single mug can differ.

Biggby Espresso

(Image Source: Biggby Coffee)

Biggy Coffee franchise is privately owned by and is based in Michigan State. It was established as Beaner’s in 1995 by Mary Roszel and Bob Fish.

This franchise is among the top developing coffee chains in the US. They aim at doubling their franchise units every 2 years. It is also noting that their coffee drink does not contain any sugar. The Biggby espresso shot of 2 oz fl contains a caffeine content of 50 mg per shot.


Nescafe Ice Java

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Nestle Company introduced its first powder coffee brand on 1st April 1938 in Switzerland. Their instant brand coffee is referred to as Nescafe. This brand was first developed in 1930 during the Brazilian government initiative to assist in preserving the surplus annual coffee harvest of the Brazilians.

Their Ice Java syrup is combined with milk, your preferred beverage or topping of ice cream. A 470ml bottle of this Nescafe java syrup contains a caffeine content of 1880mg. Failure to appropriately measure 2 tablespoons of this syrup can have some serious effects since it can immensely increase the caffeine content in your prepared beverage.

Biohazard Coffee

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Biohazard Coffee was started in Brooklyn, New York. It uses 100% Robusta coffee beans and a single cup has 4 times the amount of caffeine of a regular cup of joe. It is publicized as the strongest coffee in the world currently available in the market.

In the 12 oz cup of coffee, it contains an average caffeine content of 928 mg. Just like the name suggests, this caffeine content is not for the faint of heart. One ounce of this product has a caffeine content of about 77 mg.

People purchasing their products must adhere to their instructions so as to finally arrive at the publicized amount of caffeine that recommends two and a half teaspoons of coffee that are finely ground per 6 oz fl of water.

Biohazard Coffee is specifically suitable for people with high caffeine content tolerance.


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