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To The Woman Who Loves Coffee: Gift Ideas for Mom

To The Woman Who Loves Coffee: Gift Ideas for Mom

We all love our moms. They brought us into this world, raised us, and made us into the (mostly) upstanding citizens that we are today. They helped us grow, dusted us off when we fell, and celebrated our various accomplishments.

Let’s admit; that was a lot of work

Moms were awake in the early hours of the morning to change us as babies, take us to school and pick us up as children, and tearfully wave goodbye as we finally left the nest. She is there through all of life’s trials and tribulations, victories, and defeats, always with a smile and an encouraging word.

So, what do you get someone who is that amazing?

We often wonder what to get the woman who gave us everything. We can always get her some flowers, maybe jewelry, but those gifts are tired and a bit wore out. Why not get her something that she really loves? Something that she really needs?

That’s right. Get her coffee!

Think back to your childhood. Remember the coffee pot percolating as you woke up Christmas morning to rip open those perfectly wrapped presents? What about the time when you stayed out too late, and when you tried to sneak in, there was your mom, coffee cup in hand, happy that you were safe?

Throughout the years, if you look as far back as you can, the most common theme in your mom’s life, besides you, of course, is a steaming cup of highly caffeinated coffee. It was her companion throughout your childhood, and she loved it. She still does.



Okay, so what kind of coffee should I get?

Don’t worry; we have compiled a list of exceptional coffee gifts for that special woman in your life. There’s a lot of options: from the highly caffeinated coffee beans of Biohazard Coffee to the perfect French press, so we compiled a list of some of the best gifts to get mom for her birthday, the holidays, or just to show that you care.

Let’s brew this!

We got quite a few great ideas to go over, so we hit on some awesome coffee ideas to get mom, and let you decide just what gift fits that special lady just right. This isn’t a review, just a few awesome coffee gifts that we would give our own moms.


Awesome Gift Ideas

French Press: Gourmet Coffee in a snap



The French Press coffee maker is an ingenious device that makes delicious coffee time and time again. It’s easy to use and looks great on a kitchen countertop. Simply grind your beans, place them in the French press, add hot water, and after a few minutes, push down on the plunger. Done! Delicious coffee that is brewed in front of you.

Get this for the mom who...

Loves a vibrant cup of coffee and doesn’t need an entire pot to get going.


Burr Grinder: For the Mom coffee aficionado



If you talk to any coffee snob (we know a few, trust us), then you know that in order to get the highest quality cup of java, you need to grind your own beans. Basically, as soon as you grind up coffee, it begins to oxidize and become staler and less vibrant. Grinding beans at home simply ensure a delicious cup of coffee every time.

Get this for the Mom who...

Is a discerning coffee drinker that doesn’t mind spending an extra couple of minutes to make the perfect cup of Joe.


Biohazard Coffee: for the Mom who wants to go go go



When we are talking about highly caffeinated coffee that also tastes good, no other brand comes close to Biohazard Coffee. The caffeine content alone, clocking in at 928 mg, makes it worth giving as a gift to a mom who loves to move. Strong coffee usually equals a productive day, and if that’s the case, get ready to see Mom moving as she has never moved before. This coffee also works well when drinking coffee cocktails and other coffee drinks, so mom has options.


Get this for the Mom who...

Loves strong coffee and enjoys having a pep in her step all day long!


Coffee Scrub: A rejuvenating self- care product


Moms work hard all day. They never seem to stop, and that constant juggling of kids, work, and home life can be exhausting. Though she never complains, Mom needs a break and needs to be pampered, and she deserves a little spa day.

This is where coffee scrubs come in for the perfect bubble bath. Basically, coffee has a surprising amount of benefits for the skin that, when combined with coconut and essential oils, will make your mom’s face positively glow.

Get this for the Mom who...

Loves and deserves a good spa day. Using a good coffee scrub once will guarantee a rejuvenated and glowing mom. She’ll love it, and will enjoy all the health benefits of coffee that are so often overlooked.


 Chemex: Old-world style and New World Taste



Making a delicious cup of coffee takes time and patience; things that we don’t have a lot of when we are first making our morning Joe. Luckily, there is a Chemex. Created in the mid-1900s, the Chemex is a pour-over coffee device that ensures a quality cup of Java every time.

As far as brewing methods are concerned, we think that the best ways to make a quality cup of coffee is pour-over and French Press, so if your mom loves a flavorful cup of coffee and doesn’t mind taking an extra second to make it, then this is the gift for her.

Buy this for the Mom who...

Loves a couple cups of coffee in the morning, or has a household of coffee drinkers that love quality brewed coffee. It takes a second, but man is it worth it

That’s all for us! These are the gifts that we would be happy to buy our moms in a second, and we hope that our list takes some of the guesswork out of buying something awesome for a coffee drinking mom. Feel free to leave questions or comments in the section below.

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