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How To Make Strong Coffee

how to make strong coffee

You will find coffee at almost any place nowadays. However, when you are considering about discovering the best coffee brews, you’re left distracted. When it is about best coffee brews, you may not be certain about the reputable coffee brands. The fact of the matter is that you can conveniently prepare excellent coffee at the comfort of your home but you must be familiar with the tips of preparing strong coffee.

Preparing a strong coffee drink is not that complicated. The only thing that you need is a few tips, a perfect coffee machine, and some tips. In this article, we will have a look at various tips that will ensure that you will be able to brew strong coffee within a matter of minutes.

Strong coffee refers to dense and rich coffee. This term is also used by some people to describe the bitter or even highly caffeinated coffee.  However, the bitterness of the coffee does not result from a strong brew but this is an attribute that comes from its dark roast profile or green beans.  

Bitterness may sometimes be confused with the bitter coffee that results from over-roasting, leaving the brewed java on a hot plate or brewing your coffee using hot water above 205°F. Likewise, coffee that is highly caffeinated does not reflect the strength of the coffee. It is therefore worth noting the fact that coffee strength and caffeine level are absolutely 2 different attributes.    

Preparing strong coffee


Use fresh coffee



All coffee experts will certainly agree that using fresh java is very crucial especially when you want to prepare strong coffee. If the coffee brand you utilize is not fresh, it will not make much of a difference even if it is the strongest coffee in the world. This is due to the fact that old coffee has already lost most of its flavors, which is highly recommended that you fresh and new coffee. This is definitely the initial step when you are considering brewing strong java mix.  

Therefore, ensure that you purchase the whole coffee beans that you prefer from the various types of coffee beans such as the Arabica beans and personally grind them.  Currently, there are numerous coffee machines that have grinders in the market for you to choose from. Additionally, most of these machines will help you make the perfect cup of coffee and even have automatic brewing features ensuring that you can prepare amazing coffee within a few minutes.



Grind your coffee beans properly



This is another crucial tip when you aspire to prepare a strong mug of coffee. Luckily, with advanced technology, there are many coffee machines with automatic and programmable grinders. These grinders have the automatic settings feature and you can easily adjust them to a maximum of about four hours, based on the settings that you select.

If you happen to have any local roaster in your place, preparing this type of coffee is even easier, especially when you are utilizing fresh coffee beans. Most of the modern coffee makers have percolators which can also be utilized when brewing coffee and they will help you obtain the best flavors from the coffee beans.

Additionally, the method that you utilize in brewing your coffee may also to some extent contribute to the strength of the coffee that you will get. However, if the model of your coffee machine does not make the type of coffee that suits your taste, consider trying various methods of brewing your coffee.



Blending your coffee appropriately



You will certainly not be able to prepare strong brews if you are not aware of the water amount that you should include in your mix. Occasionally, you need to utilize 2 tablespoons of the pre-ground coffee in 6 oz of water, although you can adjust the amount of these contents according to your preference.

Some coffee makers will even help you make a decision on the options to make if you are not familiar with these ratios. Therefore, the only thing you need to do is to pour water and coffee into the machine, select the time that you want your coffee brew to take and relax as you wait for the machine perform its duties. Keep in mind that these coffee makers help you to decide the ratios but they don’t select them.

Therefore, the most important factor when you are going for a strong brew is the adjustment of coffee and water ratio, which are the 2 ingredients that are used in this brewing process. To prepare a strong brew, increase the amount of coffee grounds maintain the same water quantity.


This adjustment in the ratio will result in a strong cup of java.  Most coffee brew methods utilize a coffee to water ratio of between 1:16 and 1:18; that is one part of coffee and 16 to 18 parts of coffee.

To determine the coffee strength that suits your taste, begin with the coffee to water ratio of 1:18 then slowly increase this ratio until you discover your perfect brew. If the ratio is above the 1 to 16 coffee to water ratio, the brew tends to be under extracted and have some sour taste since the soluble did not completely dissolve into the water. This simply means that you will not be able to come up with a stronger brew.

Due to the fact that different individuals have different coffee tastes, you should certainly try using different coffee to water ratios. If the coffee brew is not strong for the first time, consider adding more amount of coffee or increasing the brewing time.

If the coffee is too strong consider using fewer coffee grounds or even let your coffee brew for a shorter period of time.  If you adhere to the steps that we have described in this article, you will certainly be able to conveniently prepare a strong cup of coffee.


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