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How To Brew Strong Cold Brew Coffee

how to brew strong cold brew coffee

If you admire having a perfectly iced cup of java during the summer and end up strongly disliking the coffee due to its taste being overly bitter or watery, then cold brew strong coffee is the ultimate solution for you. These coffee brewing methods ensure that you end up with a smooth icy cup of coffee each and every time. Preparing cold strong brew is neither complicated nor does brewing it require skills or expertise of an experienced coffee barista.

Additionally, you do not need any special equipment apart from a strainer and a larger container in order to prepare the coffee drinks. In this article, we will have a look at various steps that you should follow so as to prepare a cold and strong brew among other things that you should consider in the process. We will also discuss everything that you may want to know if you want to prepare a batch of cold strong brew while at home.  


Steps of preparing cold brew java

As I previously stated this process is quite simple. You just need to coarsely grind your coffee, something that you can conveniently and personally do at the comfort of your home or when you purchase the various types of coffee beans. Then mix the coarse grounds of coffee with water and leave the mixture to steep for about twelve hours or overnight.

During this period, water slowly infuses in ground coffee, producing a strong and concentrated brew. You should then strain then mixture the following morning and you will have created yourself a strong cold brew. That simple!

Why cold brew coffee?


This method of preparing coffee comes with some benefits. For one, that slow infusion of coffee ensures that an amazing coffee flavor is pulled from the grounded coffee beans but leaves most compounds that may result in your coffee tasting sour and bitter behind. This makes the cold brewed java to be sweet tasting and incredibly smooth.

This is also perfect for preparing iced coffee. Additionally, you can adjust the concentration of the cold strong coffee brew by either making it less strong or stronger so as to match your preferred taste. You can achieve this by first commencing with steeping 1 cup of coffee beans in 4 water cups.

This will result in a reasonably concentrated java without you having to add anything else, but it is perfect for mixing with some milk or pouring over some ice or sometimes even both. Keep in mind that, if the ratio of coffee beans to that of water doesn’t match your taste preferences, adjust it down or up till it reaches that perfect balance that will ultimately suit your taste.

You should also consider this method of brewing coffee if you want to save time when you wake up in the morning. This is due to the fact that you can prepare a large batch of cold brew java on weekends, strain it in the following morning then keep it in your fridge and you are ready to go throughout the week with just a simple coffee fix.

Serving cold brew coffee


The cold brew java can be either served piping hot or iced, depending on your preference. Either way, you adhere to the same procedure of preparing the cold brew strong coffee but serve it either over the ice or alternatively warm up the brew in a microwave if you want a hot coffee cup.  As you are warming the brew for hot java, you can dilute it prior to warming using some fresh water. This, however, is depending on your preference.

Tips of a perfect cold brew


  •         Ensure that you coarsely grind your coffee beans- this is because coffee beans ground into sandy powder results to a coffee that is over-infused and make your strained coffee muddy and gritty. Therefore, the coffee beans should be slightly rougher or resemble coarse cornmeal.

  •         Utilize filtered water- This produces a cleaner coffee with a sweeter flavor.

  •         Steep the brew for a minimum of twelve hours- although you may choose to use less time than the 12 hours, it is recommended that you use the full time so that the full infusion of coffee beans into the water takes place. Early straining can produce a weaker coffee. Additionally, over-steeping can lead to over-extraction thus producing a coffee with some bitter flavors. You should, therefore, be careful with the steeping time and ensure it does not exceed fifteen hours.

  •         You can chill the cold brew using ice cubes-if you want to experience a completely undiluted java, you may add some ice cubes so as to chill the iced coffee.

Recipe for preparing cold brew strong coffee


To prepare the cold brew, you will require the following ingredients

  • 4 oz of coffee beans
  • 32 oz of fresh water

You may also need the following types of equipment:

  • coffee grinder
  • Strainer
  • storage jar
  • a glass/plastic container

Once you have all the necessary pieces of equipment and ingredients, you should proceed with the following coffee recipe:

  1. Coarsely grind your strong coffee beans-Use the coffee grinder to grind the 4 ounces of coffee using the coarse setting on the machine.
  2. Mix water and the coffee ground- Transfer the grounded coffee beans into a container and add water from the top. Gently stir the mixture using a spoon with a long handle so as to ensure that the coffee grounds are completely saturated with the water.
  3. Let the mixture steep overnight- You should cover you storage jar using a plate or a lid so as to protect the coffee from bugs and dust then let it steep for twelve hours.
  4. Strain your coffee- After the coffee has steeped overnight, strain it by pouring the brew through the strainer into a cup or a bowl.
  5. Coffee storage- You should then transfer your coffee into a small jar or bottle and store it in a fridge for about one week.
  6. Serving your cold brew coffee- you can dilute the brew using either milk or water using your own ratios depending on the strength of the coffee that you desire to acquire.  You can either warm it or even serve it over some ice cubes.

By following all the guidelines in this article, you will be able to successively prepare a cold strong brew.


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