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The Best Video Gaming Lounges in America

best video gaming lounges america

A gaming lounge is an area where board games, consoles and computers are used for gaming. Large television screens are used for streaming video games, e-sports and professional sports such as the NBA. A gaming lounge that is full-service is where one enjoys retro and favorite new games with no worry of systems changing, changing games or faulty equipment.

Best Buds Gaming Lounge - Fairhaven, Bellingham Whatcom County

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It is the first console gaming portico in Bellingham. Located in Fairhaven District, Whatcom County is situated at 1121 McKenzie Avenue, Bellingham USA. It was officially opened in early October 2017.

The founders are Hugh and Alex. Every Monday to Friday, it opens at 3:30 pm till 2 am. For Saturday and Sunday, the doors open at noon and close at 2 am.

However, from 7 pm till late, only those over eighteen years old are allowed in. Its primary focus is the provision of an adult gaming environment such that everyone enjoys and feels comfortable in.  

There are hourly as well as daily passes. The option for monthly or annual membership is also available.  High-speed internet at 900 Mbps is available and one can carry their PC to the gaming lounge.


Next Gaming Lounge - Westland, Michigan


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It is situated at 34771 Ford Road, Westland in Michigan. It is a lounge giving a fun relaxed surrounding for video games playing and technology on computer stations for gaming and new gaming systems. It is open for adults, teens, and families thanks to the numerous activities, events, and games. The video game consoles available include Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Xbox 360 having Kinect.

Players enjoy video games or even watch other video game players. Board games, darts, movies, internet surfing, and Wi-Fi are available as well. It opens at 4 pm from Monday to Thursday while closing at 11 pm. On Friday it runs from 4 pm till 1 am.

It opens at noon on Saturday till 1 am. On Sunday it is only available for private events. There are weekly tournaments where winners take great prizes.


Tier 1 Gaming Lounge - Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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Located at 4350 S 27th Street, Milwaukee in Wisconsin, this gaming lounge operates from 2 pm till midnight from Monday to Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, it opens from noon till midnight for Saturday and 10 pm on Sunday. It offers high-end video and computer game station rentals hourly.

Game stations are in a lively environment with monitors, large television screens, comfortable seating, and the newest consoles. Phone and computer repair services are also available. Games available include Fortnite, Overwatch, League Legends and Smite.

Gravity Gaming Lounge - Downtown Kenosha, Wisconsin


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It is found in downtown Kenosha on 621 56th Street, Wisconsin. The founder is Victor Estill. It operates from Tuesday to Sunday from noon to two in the morning.

It provides a wide collection of gaming platforms.  Players are charged on an hourly basis but for any unused hours, they are carried forward to the next visit.

There are weekly tournaments at the lounge as well as monthly events. Private events and birthday parties are as well hosted at the lounge. The lounge has designer couches and chairs thus making the lounge as comfortable as can be.

There are high-end computers for gaming with virtual reality, console stations such as PlayStation four and Razer Gear. There are games from League of Legends, Overwatch and Minecraft.


Arizona Gamer’s Lounge - Mesa, Arizona



It is found on 158 W Main Street, Mesa in Arizona. It operates every day from noon to midnight with a lockdown from midnight till eight in the morning. It offers virtual reality, fiber optic internet with a speed of 1 Gbps and LAN PC Gaming.

LAN gaming entails a gathering of gaming consoles that are compatible and a LAN connection is created between devices by use of a switch or a router so as to enhance a multiplayer video game.

There are high-end gaming mouses, PC’s, monitors, headsets, keyboards, and mouse pads. There are latest releases for virtual reality games. Currently, there are two virtual reality brands available. They are Oculus Rift and HTV VIVE.

Video game lounges create an environment where people get to interact and socialize. A lounge also enables one to enjoy their favorite games at much less compared to buying the game. Also, one can play different types of games at a very affordable price.

Gaming lounges ought to have multiple platforms so as to increase the amount of revenue generated. This is because a gaming community is composed of several players playing on different platforms.  

The sitting arrangement for a lounge should be good since players not only are there to have fun playing but also to look for peace and some quality rest time. To ensure efficient running of the lounge, establish a way in which one can book online to ensure every player gets a chance to play to avoid affecting the income.

Creativity is a must in any gaming lounge. Ensure there are occasional events at the lounge. This ensures the new inflow of clients. Also, hosting weekly tournaments and giving rewards to winners ensure the lounge is abuzz with activities.



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