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What is the World's Strongest Coffee Bean?

worlds strongest coffee bean

When you are brewing a cup of joe, you want the most bang for your buck. For most people, this means that you want a slap in the face of energy to help you get through your day.

Did you know that the types of coffee beans you are using could make a huge difference in how much caffeine you consume in your drink?

While there are hundreds of types of coffee beans around the world, the most popularly used are Robusta and Arabica beans. These two have the highest caffeine content of any prominent beans.




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Arabica beans are, by far, the most popular coffee beans. Over 60% of all coffee drinks include Arabica beans for their light, fruity taste. Scientists and historians have concluded that this is the oldest type of coffee bean, originating around 1000 BCE.

Unfortunately, beverages made from these types of beans contain only up to 1.5% caffeine, or 85-100mg of caffeine per serving.

This is the most common coffee bean and can leave caffeine fanatics feeling underwhelmed and sluggish even after their first cup of joe.


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Many coffee experts believe that Robusta beans are the most effective beans to keep steady energy throughout the day. Robusta beans are the strongest commercial coffee beans available, containing up to 3% caffeine per cup, over twice the caffeine provided in a cup of Arabica coffee.

An average cup of Robusta coffee contains approximately 200-265mg of caffeine per serving, though some roasters have taken this to the next level.

Biohazard Coffee, the World’s Strongest Coffee, contains an extraordinary amount of caffeine: 928mg per 12 oz. cup brewed. Biohazard Coffee uses only pure Robusta beans to achieve a strong roast to help keep anyone awake during night shift at work, an all-nighter in the library, or taking care of a fussy baby.


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