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Top 6 Best Horror Video Games

best horror video games

Sometimes it’s fun to get a good scare every once in a while, it’s even better while it’s playing video games. We’ve compiled the top 6 horror video games perfect for this Halloween season. Take a look if you dare. 




best horror games outlast


Outlast is a first-person game that takes you through an old, abandoned asylum. If that’s not scary enough the game takes place at night, in the mountains, where your character is miles away from any help. In the game, you use a video camera’s night vision mode to follow all the shadowy shapes in the dark distance.




best horror games silent hill 2


Follow James Sunderland as he returns to Silent Hill after receiving a letter from his dead wife. In every corner of this haunted town, a new horror awaits. You and James must push past your fears if you ever want to solve the mystery and finish the game.





best horror games silent hill p.t


This game was so terrifying that a member of the GamesRadar+ team couldn’t play it without the lights on and the sound barely audible. P.T. takes you through a never-ending hallway that will have your mind playing tricks on you. As you play the ever-present anticipation of a jump scare alone will have your heart racing.




best horror games alien isolation


There have been numerous video games that were inspired by the iconic Alien franchise and Alien: Isolation is no different. Isolation uses intense survival gameplay to keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time. Gamer’s assume the role of Amanda, Ellen Ripley’s daughter, as she searches the space station for her mother Ripley faces the alien beast.




best horror games layers of fear


If you couldn’t tell from the name alone, this game is truly terrifying. In this game, gamers navigate through a creepy, gothic house. The main character is an artist that returns home, but everything is not as it seems. As the game progresses it is clear that madness and paranoia have overcome the artist with doors disappearing and the game constantly rearranging to a point where gamers start to question everything.




best horror games resident evil biohazard


Taking the number one terrifying spot is Resident Evil 7. Acquiring great reviews, Resident Evil 7 has become a successful revival of the Resident Evil saga. With a great storyline and a very creepy setting, this game has people addicted and terrified. Think you got what it takes to take down the Bakers and escape this nightmare?


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