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BIOHAZARD COFFEE Gift Ideas for Dads That Love Coffee

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Some people would argue that the hardest gift of the season to buy is for the man that helped raise us. Some tend to err on the side of caution and buy the usual: socks, golf balls, a tie, or just a pack of old-fashioned underwear. Though Dad will smile and say thank you, deep down we all know that he wants a pack of underwear just as much as he wants to do his taxes. Here are some holiday gifts for dads that will help you with your holiday shopping!


But Wait

One of the things that many people can rely on is dads love of coffee. Ever since they started chasing toddlers, fathers have relied on the jolt of a good brew to keep them moving and keeping up with growing kids. Coffee has been a constant in many a dad’s life and has been a saving grace due to sleepless nights, long commutes to away games, and burning the midnight oil to help a child with homework or project.

Now you can use Dad’s love of coffee to find the perfect gift

man drinking coffee

For the father who loves the java, giving him a gift bag of different types of coffee beans or a book compiling a delicious list of coffee cocktails is almost guaranteed to please. We have compiled a list of some fantastic gift ideas for the dad on the go, and hope that the compilation will give you the inspiration to discover the gift that’s perfect for the man who has always been there for you. First up; we have reviewed the coffee from Biohazard Coffee: a roasting company that knows their way around a coffee bean.

Biohazard Coffee: A coffee that packs a punch


Biohazard Coffee


When shopping for gift ideas for dad with coffee in mind, the first thing that comes up is coffee strength. Dads love a strong cup of Joe, and they need the jolt to keep them moving throughout all of the adventures that parenthood provides. This is where Biohazard Coffee comes in. They have created two coffees that are quite delightful and pack a punch, and this blog will be reviewing two of their products: the whole bean and ground bean coffee bags.



Biohazard Coffee Whole Bean: A gift for Dads that want to Go Go Go but not shirk on flavor. 

biohazard coffee whole


Developers over at Biohazard Coffee have created a coffee that has a whopping 928 mg of caffeine, making it one of the most caffeinated coffees on the market today. Be warned: this coffee is not for the faint of heart. However, if you have a father who loves that extra jolt in the morning, then this coffee is perfect. It possesses a complex, rich flavor profile and quite the punch, and would make a wonderful addition to the presents nestled under the Christmas tree.

Now, Biohazard Coffee’s whole bean coffee bag helps to retain the flavor of the roast and lessen the oxidation process but requires a coffee grinder. Make sure that you buy the right bag to suit your dad’s needs!


Highly caffeinated coffee that provides an incredible jolt

Tasty roasting technique


Should not be purchased by those overly sensitive to caffeine

Requires a grinder       


An excellent holiday gift idea for a dad who loves the jolt of caffeine, and doesn’t mind doing a little extra work to ensure the highest quality flavor of coffee.



Biohazard Coffee Ground: A great brew, but with a catch. 

biohazard coffee ground

Pre-ground Biohazard coffee is an excellent way to brew a good cup of java without having to take the extra time to grind up beans. The caffeine amount in coffee brewed with ground beans is generally the same as whole bean coffee, and with Biohazard, that means over 900 milligrams of the good stuff. Biohazard Coffee offers their ground coffee bags in one pound and five pound bags, but be forewarned, the larger bags generally sell out quickly, so make your gift purchase early.


There is a small issue with the ground coffee. As soon as coffee beans are ground, they begin to oxidize, a process that causes the flavor of the brew to become stale over time. As soon as the coffee is ground, it starts this process, so beans that are bought already ground have the chance of possessing a staler taste than if one were to just grind the beans at home.

But Wait

Before you halt your purchase of ground beans, remember that the overwhelming majority of coffee drinkers can’t really tell the difference between freshly ground coffee and prepackaged ground coffee, especially if the coffee has been properly sealed. The Biohazard Coffee brand ensures a solid seal in each of their bags, so oxidation is limited until you open it up.


Hard hitting, bold coffee

Do not need to grind the beans before you enjoy a fresh cup


Will never be as fresh as just ground coffee beans. If your dad is a coffee connoisseur, consider getting him the whole bean bag instead. He will appreciate the gesture!



So, Should I Buy Biohazard Coffee for Dad?

For those who are looking for a rich, dark cup of coffee that packs quite the punch, Biohazard coffee is the preferred choice. A dad who loves strong brews will be exceptionally appreciative of the 982 milligrams of caffeine, and for the dad that likes the process of brewing a cup that fits his exact specifications, the whole bean option is the way to go. All things considered, you cannot go wrong buying the father in your life Biohazard Coffee, as long as he isn’t overly sensitive to caffeine.

Side Note:

If you aren’t sure if your dad would prefer whole beans or ground coffee, you can purchase a Biohazard Coffee gift card. It makes a great stocking stuffer, and allows Dad to choose for himself!


Glad we could make gift giving a bit easier!

Hopefully, we helped steer you in the right direction and made gift giving a snap this holiday season. Make sure to drop us a comment if you have any questions. Hope to hear from you, and happy gift hunting!

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