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Top 6 Best Mobile Games

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Video games refer to interactive electronic games that have user interface and various means of controlling graphic images, so as to generate visual feedback in a three-dimensional or two-dimensional way. While a mobile video game refers to any game played on various mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and other portable electronic devices.

The earliest mobile game is the Hagenuk MT-2000 device’s Tetris variant that’s been in existence since 1994. Nokia later launched its first game ‘the Snake’ in 1997. Phone games range from basic games like the Nokia’s Snake to complex 3D and augmented reality popular video games.

Current day mobile phones such as smartphones have wider connectivity features such as Bluetooth, WI-FI, infrared and 3G to enhance wireless multiplayer games without necessarily going to the gaming lounges. A variant of the Snake game for the Nokia 6110 was the first two-player game for mobile phones using the infrared port.

Mobile games can be downloaded from app stores such as play store for Android as well as from mobile operators’ portals. They can also be preloaded in the handheld devices by OEM or by the mobile operator when purchased via Bluetooth, memory card, infrared connection or sideloaded onto the handset with a cable. Consumption of strong coffee can help to increase focus in the game.


1.       PUBG Mobile lite

PUBG mobile game
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It’s a tiny version of the legendary PUBG mobile made specifically for smartphones and tablets that are lower on resources. It suits more android versions and it weighs a much smaller size to enhance more devices to experience the world of players’ unknown battlegrounds.  It’s a fight to survival in a closed environment until only one player is left standing. There are plenty of weapons, vehicles, and equipment that can be used to battle other players until one becomes the sole survivor. It allows a game of up to forty people but keeps in line with the true essence of the original game. It is created with Unreal Engine 4 and also it has the highest quality graphics for a lite app. It enhances the excitement of PUBG mobile with less RAM.


2.       Vainglory

 Vainglory mobile game(Image Source: Michelle Hardy)


This video mobile game was published and developed by the SuperEvil Megacorp and is compatible with ios and Android devices. It’s the MOBA with the best graphics and strategic depth and the most accurate and responsive controls. It’s a version of MOBA genre where 2 opposing teams consisting of three to five players fight with an aim of destroying the enemy. By controlling the various bases lined by the turrets and secured by enemy structures controlled with artificial intelligence. Usually, players compete for the control points. This is so as to provide resources. Through a cross-platform play, players on all four platforms can play each other simultaneously.


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3.       Hearthstone

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Originally referred to as ‘Heroes of the Warcraft’, Hearthstone is an online video mobile game that includes card collection and is absolutely free of charge that was published and developed by the Blizzard entertainment. It was designed by Ben Brode, Eric Dodds, and Mike Donais. This card game is based between 2 opponents using organized decks of thirty cards together with a chosen hero who possess unique powers. Reserved mana crystals are used to summon minions or play abilities so as to attack an opponent aiming to destroy his hero. Players purchase packs of new cards using gold or micro-transactions to improve and customize their decks.


4.       AdventureQuest 3D

adventure quest mobile game (Image Source: Kickstarter)


It’s a cross-platform game. It’s a multiplayer fantasy game played online. It allows one to play their character in the same world as others.  It is an inspired re-imagination of the original 2D flash web game. It has been developed and published by Artix Entertainment, LLC. It is set in the dangerous era of adventure quest. The world is under attack by an unknown new threat. Thus, travel to the legendary town of Battleon to discover unusual characters, adventures and horrific puns. Its features include cross-platform, real-time combat, multi-class system, weapon fusion, and an evolving world.





5.       The Room Series

room mobile game(Image Source: AppAdvice)


It’s developed by Fireproof games. It is a puzzler in a mystery game in a 3D world. It’s an encapsulation of fear and discovery pleasure. It blends visuals with problem-solving.  Its features include realistic graphics, single finger control to navigate the mysterious 3D world and compelling layers of mystery. Each Room episode is an adventure in its own way.  The mobile game presents the player with a series of puzzle boxes featuring several physical mechanisms. The player has to find a way of opening each puzzle box by solving a series of locks so as to access another puzzle box within the puzzle box. The aim is to unlock every puzzle box by obtaining a smaller though complex puzzle box. It uses motions to simulate actions in real life.


6.       Alto’s Odyssey

altos odyssey mobile game(Image Source:


One of the many adventure mobile games available to play is the single player, Alto’s Odyssey. Alto accompanied by some friends set off on a snowboarding journey to discover the secrets of the vast, unexplored majestic destinations beyond the horizon. They negotiate canyons, soar above windswept dunes and explore temples in a place far from home. In the journey to uncover the desert’s many mysteries, one grinds across vines, bounce on hot air balloons, ride rock walls and get away from mischievous lemurs. Its features include a standalone experience, easy learning yet mastering difficulty, exploring biomes each with unique visuals and gameplay and discovering secrets found in the sky with hot-air balloons, wall riding and moving grind rails


Mobile games such as the room series enhance problem-solving skills of a gamer since one has to abide by a set of rules when gaming. Also, one has to make decisions that determine if one advance to the next level or not. They also improve coordination since activities on the screen stimulate the brain thus one has to coordinate audial visual and physical activities. Video games enhance multitasking skills as a player has to take note of the control keys, remaining time and other factors. This ensures a player is observant and reacts appropriately to various elements of the game.  Based on research, most people who play video games often can process brain stimulators faster than those who do not.


Most mobile games are augmented reality games. They combine the real world environment with advanced computer graphics. This results in the effects of augmented reality.



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