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Top 5 International Winter Coffee Drinks

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The cold winter weather is here at last and these freezing nights deserve a warm drink like strongest coffee in the world like the Biohazard coffee. Interested in discovering best world’s strongest coffee drinks that would provide a solution to this situations, I tried determining the best coffee drinks that one can make to give you the energy and warmth to overcome these extremely cold nights.

We came across the following types of coffee drinks from various countries which are very easy to make, that can conveniently enable you to get through the cold winters.

These five types of coffee drinks are convenient for winter include real Turkish Java, Italian Cream Java, Real Irish Java, Pakistan coffee and Mexican coffee.


Real Turkish Java


turkish coffee

This is a traditional coffee drink that is very popular in Turkey plus some parts in Asia and Europe.

You don’t require many items to prepare an amazing Turkish coffee. You only need to ensure that you have some water, intensely ground fine java, some sugar and of course some patience. The coffee beans can be ground by an electric grinder using its finest setting or the Turkish coffee mill.


The most commonly used coffee beans in preparing the Turkish coffee are the Arabica coffee beans.

Prepare Turkish java using these tips and procedures that can only be passed on and taught from a mother.

Keep in mind that you need Turkish coffee pots if you want your coffee to be really authentic.


Preparing real Turkish java

In order to prepare one cup of Turkish coffee, you will need the following ingredients:




  • 2 tsp of fine coffee grounds

  • 1-4 tsp of sugar

  • approximately 50 ml of water.



  1.  Combine all the ingredients: coffee grounds, sugar and water in a Turkish coffee pot (Turkish Ibrik)

  2. Put the coffee pot on heat and stir these ingredients for a minute then leave it so that the coffee can brew. At this point, the heat flame should be low to ensure that the flavor of the coffee is maintained.

  3. Wait for the coffee to brew until it forms a foam on top without stirring it.

  4. Remove the foam from the pot and continue heating and brewing the coffee. This process may be repeated for about 3 to 4 times.

  5. Remove the coffee from the pot and serve it instantly while it is still fresh and hot.


Italian Cream Java


italian coffee

You probably think about espresso when you hear Italian coffee. But Italian coffee refers to a drink known as bicerin and consists of cream, chocolate, and coffee. This coffee drink is definitely perfect for the cold winter nights.


Preparing Italian coffee

You will require the following ingredients to prepare the Italian coffee;




  • ½ cup of strong coffee

  • ¼ cup of heavy cream and

  • ½ cup of hot chocolate.

  • chocolate shavings optional


Follow the steps below in order to prepare Italian coffee:




  1. Place the mason jar inside the freezer so as to make the cream topping.

  2. Prepare a strong coffee pot.

  3. As the coffee continues to brew, prepare a hot chocolate batch

  4. Pour the hot chocolate up to the bottom third of the mug.

  5. Pour the coffee into the mud thus filling the remaining two-thirds.

  6. Place the heavy cream inside the mason jar then close.

  7. Shake it till the cream slightly thickens

  8. Pour the cream over the spoon so as to completely fill the mug

  9. Finally, top your drink with some chocolate shavings




Irish Coffee


irish coffee


These strong alcoholic coffee drinks only require strong coffee beans, heavy cream, and Irish whiskey and it also doesn’t take long to prepare. It will certainly ensure that it warms you up in a winter evening.

It is mostly served in a tall appropriate glass.


Preparing Irish coffee

You will require the following ingredients;





You should follow the following steps once you have gathered all the necessary ingredients;




  1. Place sugar in a warm appropriate Irish coffee mug or glass.

  2. Put coffee into the appropriate glass and stir till it is dissolved

  3. Pour Irish whiskey and continue stirring

  4. Float the heavy cream on top of the mixture by spilling it over the spoon’s back.

  5. You can now drink your coffee through the heavy cream without extra stirring.


Mexican Coffee


mexican coffee

This drink is prepared using various ingredients such as milk, cinnamon, and clove. Additionally, in order to prepare an authentic fall coffee drink, pumpkin may be included.


Preparing the Mexican coffee

In order to prepare a mug of the Mexican coffee, you will need the following ingredients;




  • 1 cup of milk

  • 1 tsp of vanilla extract

  • 2 tsp of cinnamon

  • 2 tsp of sugar

  • 6 cups of water

  • ⅓ cup of chocolate syrup

  • ¾ cup of ground coffee beans


After acquiring all the ingredients that you need to prepare Mexican coffee, follow the following steps:




  1. Place cinnamon and coffee into the coffee maker’s filter basket

  2. Pour water into the coffee machine and appropriately brew it

  3. Blend chocolate, sugar, syrup, and milk inside a saucepan

  4. Stir over reduced heat till sugar dissolves completely.

  5. Combine the brewed coffee with the milk mixture and stir in the vanilla extract.


Pakistan Coffee


pakistan coffee


Preparing Pakistan coffee doesn’t take much time. It utilizes some ingredients that you might be familiar with if you are a fan of preparing flavored coffee drinks. The thing that you should consider acquiring is the cardamom pods since you break them open then add them in to add extra flavors.


The Pakistan coffee is considered suitable on various social occasions. It is prepared using big pots and involves constant stirring. It is readily available in most of the local shops. The stirring required for its frothy top may even act as a stress reliever.


Preparing Pakistan coffee using Cardamom and Cinnamon

The various ingredients that you will require to prepare Pakistan coffee include;



  • 3 cups of water

  • 3 tsp of coffee

  • 1 cinnamon stick

  • 3 cups of milk

  • 5 cracked Cardamom pods

  • Sugar to taste


After acquiring all the ingredients that you need to prepare a delicious Pakistan coffee, follow the following steps:



  1. Crack open some pods of cardamom then put them in a big pot together with the milk, water, the cinnamon stick, and coffee. You can also include sugar to taste.

  2. Seethe for about 10 minutes then dipper the liquid while it is still bubbling and pour it from the top so as to facilitate aeration of the liquid mixture. Repeat this for about 20 minutes.

  3. Pour the mixture through a perforated material so as to eliminate any solid materials then change it into the coffee pot.

  4. Place it into coffee cups then serve it using the cinnamon stick.


These five international coffee drinks perfectly warm you during the cold winter season. Have you tried making any of these coffees? Let us know in the comments.




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