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Take Your Coffee to the Next Level: Strong French Press Coffee Recipe

Take Your Coffee to the Next Level: Strong French Press Coffee Recipe

Why French Pressed Coffee?

We all enjoy a good coffee, whether it is when we first wake up, so we can feel that instant caffeine boost, while you’re reading a good book or spending time with friends in a cafe. But what is the best coffee to have in any situation? There is only one answer to that: Strong French Press coffee. The answer to why is simple.

French pressed doesn’t soak up the flavor as filter coffee does, it adds tiny parts of coffee beans to your cup to add realistic flavor, unlike filtered coffee which traps the oils and the flavor from the grounds in the filters. When making a good cup of tea you leave the tea bag to steep for several minutes either in the cup or in the teapot in order to make that strong tea flavor. Have you ever noticed that the tea at the bottom of the pot tastes better because it has been left to brew for longer?  French press works in the same way and allows for steeping. Leaving the end result a mouth-watering cup of coffee.

Using this method allows you to drink your Biohazard Coffee the way it is meant to be drank - with no impurities. The French press doesn’t allow you to miss any of the high caffeinated coffee grounds, meaning you are getting pure coffee without removing any grounds or oils. French pressed also maintains the right temperature throughout unlike other Brewing methods.

However, using a plunger for the first time may seem a little intimidating and although it may require a little more effort than a drip machine, trust us, it's easier than you think. It is definitely worth getting out of your bed 5 minutes earlier in the morning to make french press coffee over instant coffee.




How To Make Strong French Pressed Coffee


Follow these simple steps to make the world’s strongest french pressed coffee.


Step 1

Start with the water, coffee is 98% H20, so make sure that your water tastes good as well. If you want to use water from a tap or water from a bottle either is fine but the number one rule to a great french pressed coffee is to drink the water first and if it tastes ok then you’re good to go.


Step 2

coffee beans french press

Make sure you are using really fresh coffee beans. Freshly roasted highly caffeinated coffee beans are key to your perfect coffee and full of flavor.


Step 3

Now that you've got your perfect ingredients, it's time to start creating that perfect coffee. The best time to grind your beans is right before you’re about to brew them. Coffee beans are just like apples, if you cut into them and leave them they will start to oxidize. Your aim is to grind them into coarse grinds, ideally, the size of breadcrumbs, if you grind too small you will clog the fresh press filter.


Step 4

ground coffee french press

Coffee to water ratio is the next important step, you don't want to be drinking watery coffee and ruin the taste. It does all come down to personal taste but about a heaped teaspoon of coffee per 8 oz of water is a great start. If you’d like that instant hit of caffeine, 2 tablespoons of coffee to 6 oz of water will suffice. If it's too strong you can always add more hot water.




Step 5

Aim for around 200 degrees, too hot can cause the coffee beans to become bitter, and too cold means you’ll miss the flavor. Don’t worry though, you don’t need to stand with a thermometer, boil the water then let it sit for around 40 seconds.


Step 6

french press

Now, all your hard effort in preparation is complete it is time to make your cup of world's strongest coffee. In the bottom of your french press place your coffee grounds and pour hot water over. Leave it to settle for about 30 seconds before giving it a stir. Don’t over stir though as this will ruin your coffee grounds. Following this step correctly will ensure all the grounds have fully soaked up the water so your cup is fully packed with flavor. Before placing the lid on your carafe, add the rest of the water and ensure the plunger is pulled up completely.



It’s time to start that timer. This is a balancing act so be prepared! If you don’t brew for long enough your coffee will taste sour and on the other hand, if you brew for too long it will end up bitter, and no one likes a bitter coffee. To get the best from your coffee it is recommended you leave it to brew for around 4 minutes and for a stronger taste do not leave it any longer than 6 minutes. Set a timer so you don’t forget how long you have been brewing for.


Step 8

french press

When your time is up, firmly pressing the plunger until it will not press down any further. Although we have said firmly, ensure you are gentle as well because too much pressure will cause coffee to spray out of the carafe.





If you happen to have any coffee left in the French press it will continue to brew and turn bitter since the grounds are still sitting around in the carafe. Any leftovers should be poured into another mug or brew less next time.


Have any tips for brewing strong French Press coffee? Let us know in the comments.


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