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Benefits of Brewing Strong Coffee from Home

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So you’ve thought about starting to make your own coffee at home, but you’re not quite convinced yet? There are plenty of reasons to begin brewing your own drinks, but here are some of the best reasons why you should become your own barista.



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“Coffee’s cheap- I can afford to treat myself.” Not really.

Let’s say that you buy yourself a medium cup of coffee each day, for just $2.50. This doesn’t sound too bad at first, but over the course of a year, you’re spending well over $900 on coffee alone. And forget it if you like specialty drinks, which put you out over $1500 it if you order gourmet beverages. That’s a lot of money.

Save yourself the financial headache and treat yourself to a massage. You deserve it.





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“I don’t have time to make my own coffee.”

Let’s crunch some numbers here. A barista can have your drink ready in just a few minutes, but factor in the time taken out of your day to walk or drive to the coffee shop as well. By the time you receive your vanilla bean latte with extra caramel whip, you’ve lost at least 15 minutes that could be spent eating breakfast with your kids, finishing up a school project, or catching a few more Z’s before a long day.

Traditional drip coffee is ready in less than five minutes, giving you time to wake up and start your day right.




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“It just doesn’t taste the same.”

When you order your drink from [insert major coffee shop here], you don’t always get to taste test it before you walk out the door or leave the drive-thru window. When you brew your own coffee at home, you have complete freedom to customize your drink however you’d like.

Do you like a splash of milk, but your local cafe douses your cold brew in cream? You get to choose how much cream goes into your drink. Like your coffee to pack a punch of energy? You can order your own strong beans, like Biohazard Coffee, the World’s Coffee, and have it shipped right to your door!Choose exactly what ingredients you like and experiment with your taste buds from the comfort of your kitchen.




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“But cleaning out a coffee mug is such a hassle.”

The average American adult throws away more than 500 disposable cups each year, and around 60% of them are from coffee. When you make your coffee at home, you can drink it out of a ceramic mug, which can be reused hundreds of times. If you choose to bring it to work or school, you can switch it to a metal to-go cup, which is also reusable!

By brewing your coffee yourself, you save hundreds of pounds of plastic and paper from entering landfills each year. Give yourself a pat on the back for that.

 Home brewing coffee saves money, time, energy and the environment- what more could we ask for? Why do you home brew, or which tip helped you make the switch? Let us know in the comments.



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