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Health Benefits of Coffee

Health Benefits of Coffee

Coffee is among the top popular beverages in the world. There are various types of coffee beans, some of which can be used to make strong coffee such as the Biohazard Coffee.

Coffee surprisingly has many health benefits which are largely related to the nutrients it contains and its chemical composition. Various studies have shown that people who frequently drink coffee have lower risks of being infected by many serious diseases.

In this article, we will discuss some of its popular health benefits that are strongly linked with the regular intake of this delicious beverage.


Weight loss

Caffeine exists in almost all commercial supplements that enhance the burning of the body fat. This is due to the fact that it has proven to be a natural substance effective in fat burning.

Consumption elevates energy levels increasing the activeness plus the rate of burning calories. The caffeine stimulant in coffee also speeds up the rate of metabolism in the human body by about 11% thus enhancing the burning of calories.

Additionally, it helps to suppress the appetite, thus controlling your cravings ensuring you strictly adhere to your set dieting goals.

Certain studies demonstrate that caffeine intake can increase the burning of fat in lean individuals by about 29% and in obese people by about 10%.

Nonetheless, these effects probably diminish in the long term.

Boosts energy

Since caffeine is a stimulant, coffee intake immediately boosts the level of energy in your body. This energy can be very effective especially in people who regularly work out.

This is due to the fact that caffeine enhances levels of epinephrine within the blood which prepares the body for any physical exercise.



Reduces depression

Depression refers to a mental disorder. It may significantly reduce the quality of life and is a common illness in the whole world. This disorder has some very serious symptoms including thoughts of committing suicide.

Coffee natural effects are very effective and useful to individuals with depression. Surprisingly, it has been linked with the reduction of suicide cases.

Coffee consumption relieves stress and lights up your mood thus enhancing the quality of your life.

A certain Harvard study published in the journal demonstrates that women who consumed about 4 or 5 coffee cups every day had a reduced chance of getting depression by about 20%.

Another research shows that the people who consumed about 4 or 5 coffee cups every day had a reduced chance of committing suicide by about 53%.

Enhances liver protection

The liver is an internal organ in the human body that carries out some very crucial functions.

Coffee intake has been strongly related to enhanced health of the liver, especially in the protection of various diseases such as fatty liver disease, hepatitis, and cirrhosis.

In the case of cirrhosis disease, the liver is greatly substituted by scar tissue.

Studies show frequent coffee consumption minimizes the chance of getting this disease by about 80%.

Enhanced heart health


A certain study has demonstrated that frequent coffee drinkers tend to have a 20% reduced chance of getting a stroke. It lowers the risk of heart diseases, particularly in women.

Coffee consumption temporarily increases the blood pressure, though this doesn’t mean that heart diseases or strokes are unavoidable.

Additionally, another study published demonstrates that coffee assists in curing arrhythmias, irregular heart rhythms.


Improves cognition


Caffeine is a stimulant that is contained in coffee. This stimulant is a popular psychoactive substance used up by people in the entire world and helps to enhance energy levels and assists people to feel less exhausted.

On consuming coffee per day, the caffeine amount in coffee brews is absorbed into the bloodstream then transported into the brain where it inhibits the neurotransmitter adenosine. This in return increases the level of some other neurotransmitters like dopamine and norepinephrine thus enhancing neurons activation.

Various controlled human studies demonstrate that coffee enhances certain brain function aspects such as mood, energy levels, memory, reaction times, common brain function and vigilance.

Reduces chances of diabetes


Coffee helps to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. This is a health problem that is currently affecting many individuals in the entire world.

The main characteristic of this metabolic disorder is high levels of blood sugar that is caused by the reduced ability of insulin secretion or insulin resistance. Research shows that the majority of regular coffee drinkers have about 23 to 50% lower chance of this disorder. Another research demonstrates that the reduction could be 67% high.

Prevents certain cancer types


Cancer is currently among the top diseases causing death in the world and characterized by abnormal cell growth within the body.

Despite the fact coffee was traditionally considered as an anti-carcinogenic, studies have shown that it protects the body against two cancer types namely; colorectal and liver cancer. According to certain statistics, colorectal cancer is ranked as the fourth type of cancer that is causing cancer-related deaths while liver cancer was ranked as the third.

Research also shows that people who drink coffee have around 40% lower speculation of being infected with liver cancer.

Likewise, another research that involved 489,706 persons shows that the ones that drank about 5 coffee cups every day had up to 15% lower speculation of being infected with colorectal cancer.

We can therefore clearly see that drinking coffee led to a decreased risk of being infected by these two cancer types.

Additionally, studies have shown that it prevents the occurrence of a certain type of skin cancer known as melanoma in regular coffee drinkers.

We can clearly see that, apart from being a popular beverage in the world coffee has many health benefits.

Consuming a cup of coffee daily will help you burn fat, give you more energy, enhance your physical performance, reduce chances of certain conditions among other benefits. Additionally, there are health benefits coffee has on our skin.

If you like coffee, consume one or more cups and you will certainly experience some of these health benefits that are associated with coffee. This may in return result in increased life and mortality.


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