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The Best Coffee Shops in Austin

The Best Coffee Shops in Austin

Austin, Texas is one of the most popular up-and-coming cities in America. Its vibrant, unique culture attracts millions of foodies, music lovers and coffee enthusiasts from across the world. Check out some of our favorite Austin coffee shops.


Malone Specialty Coffee

Best Coffee Shops in Austin

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This cafe-turned-bar is a local favorite for a reason. Malone boasts an extensive coffee bean list on-the-go. The Austin-roasted beans travel around on food trucks that travel around the city to unique locations every week, leaving an exciting element of surprise.


Interested in roasting your own beans? Malone sells an at-home roasting kit so that you can learn how to roast your own coffee beans quickly and easily.


Houndstooth Coffee

Best Coffee Shops in Austin

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Looking for unique, handcrafted coffee beverages in Rosedale? Houndstooth is the answer to all of your caffeination needs. Try out their espresso beverages, staples of their menu.


Students and freelance workers love the spacious atmosphere and expert baristas. The cafe’s staff go through extensive training to be able to make the perfect recommendations for anyone’s strong coffee needs.


Best Coffee Shops in Austin


Wright Bros. Brew & Brew

Best Coffee Shops in Austin

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Sometimes, you need caffeination and a little something to cap off a long work day. Brew & Brew is an Austin staple with a fully stocked espresso bar and 39 craft beers on rotation.

This coffee shop serves Austin-roasted Flat Track beans and is a great location for casual business meetings or meeting friends after class. Sit on the patio for a gorgeous view of the Austin skyline at sunset.


Caffe Medici

Best Coffee Shops in Austin

Image Courtesy of Caffe Medici


With 5 locations across Austin, it’s no wonder that Cafe Medici has become a campus necessity of University of Texas students at the school’s West Campus. The price range is affordable for every budget, and its homey atmosphere (at all locations!) makes customers feel comfortable the moment they step in the door.


What is your go-to coffee spot? Have you visited any of these Austin coffee shops? Let us know in the comments.


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Best Coffee Shops in Austin


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