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Strong (Alcoholic) Coffee Drinks to Keep You Awake

Strong (Alcoholic) Coffee Drinks to Keep You Awake
Give strong coffee an extra kick by adding liquor! Take a look at several ways you can make happy hour happier with some coffee cocktails.




Alcoholic Coffee Drinks - Coffee cocktail with coffee bean and rosemary on top with wood background


Perfect for after dinner, the Espresso Martini brings together class with the comfort of coffee. Typically presented in a martini glass, this cocktail is served cold and is comprised of vodka, coffee liqueur, espresso coffee and simple syrup. This drink will even have James Bond changing up his favorite martini order.




Alcoholic Coffee Drinks - A cup of coffee on a grill by the campfire in Shakamak State Park.


The perfect drink for a rainy day or when you want to start your day with some extra momentum, making Kahlua Coffee is the simplest way to brighten your day. This cocktail calls for 2 parts hot coffee with 1 part Kahlua. Serve it in your favorite mug!






Alcoholic Coffee Drinks - coffee with citrus


Looking for something to cool you off? This cocktail will definitely have you Alive and Kicking when you need the extra energy! This drink brings together the light citrusy taste of oranges with the rich taste of coffee. Made with strong cold brew coffee, Amaro, an orange twist and more, this drink is perfect for a hot day.






Alcoholic Coffee Drinks - White Russian cocktail or Lebowski


One of the most iconic coffee cocktails, the White Russian marries vodka, coffee liqueur, and heavy cream in a single glass perfect for ending your night. Bring this drink up a notch by adding a cold brew ice cube and garnishing with grated cinnamon.





Alcoholic Coffee Drinks - frozen coffee drink


Perfect for those who have a sweet tooth, the Irish Cream Float will satisfy all your chocolate cravings. This drink starts with Irish cream on the bottom, topped with scoops of chocolate ice cream and coffee poured over.


These drinks are the perfect combination of booze and buzz that will have baristas and bartenders everywhere jealous!


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