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How to Mix Up Your Cold Brew

how to mix up your cold brew

 Summertime means sunshine, beach days, and finding fun ways to beat the summer heat. One of the most popular hot weather drinks is iced coffee, a perfect combination of energizing caffeine and refreshing flavor.

Luckily, cold brew has taken the world by storm and is now available and socially acceptable no matter the weather.

As cold brew becomes a staple in most homes, we are constantly searching for ways to spice up our favorite beverage.

Here are our top five tips to improve your favorite cold brew recipes.



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So maybe your regular order is a vanilla bean iced latte with extra french vanilla syrup and two sweeteners.

By the time you finish your drink, you may have consumed between 10 and 60(!!!) grams of sugar, far beyond the recommended daily intake. If you brew your own iced coffee at home, try adding a tablespoon of honey to your coffee pot while brewing.

The honey will melt into your drink and by the time it cools, you will have a delightfully refreshing beverage with next to no calories.



COFFEE FRUIT cold brew- coffee fruit EDITED


The health benefits of drinking coffee (especially highly caffeinated coffee) are unparalleled. But did you know that you can dramatically increase these benefits by adding coffee fruit to your cold brew?

Yes, coffee fruit.

This dainty berry is the plant that contains coffee beans, and for centuries, they were simply thrown away as a byproduct of coffee production. However, recent studies have shown that consuming coffee fruit can promote cell growth, improve heart health, and provide improve healthy blood flow, making it a popular superfood.

For caffeine fanatics, coffee fruit packs a punch of energy with around 50mg of caffeine per serving.

Add a teaspoon of fried coffee fruit to your strong coffee beans to add a sweet and tart flavor to your cold brew recipe.


 Add Some Fruit. Yes, Fruit. 

cold brew orange- EDITED


Hear us out.

While many people complain that coffee is too bitter or tart, adding a few slices of fresh fruit to your cold brew can add the perfect amount of flavor without needing to pour in artificial sweeteners or excess sugar.

To infuse your beverage, brew your iced coffee and place 2-3 slices of your favorite fruit in your drink. Let it steep until you find a flavor combination that suits your sweet tooth, and enjoy.

Tip: Orange slices provide a perfect zing to your cold brew coffee recipes!




Strong Coffee,  Cold Brew,  Iced Coffee,  Coffee,  Summer, Cold Brew Recipes

If you have a sweet tooth like the Biohazard Coffee team, then you will love this sweet treat. When brewing your hot coffee, add a few pieces of dark chocolate to your mix.

As your coffee pot cools, the dark chocolate will seamlessly blend with your beans to create a strong, sweet taste.

Tip: For an extra dark chocolate taste, leave a few small pieces in your cold brew concentrate as it steeps overnight. Your beverages will extract the delicious flavor for longer.



Have you tried any unique add-ins to your cold brew coffee? What are your cold brew methods? Let us know your favorite concoctions in the comments below.

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