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The Most Caffeinated Professions

Caffeine   Coffee  Caffeine  Hardworking  Job  Professions

 Let’s face it- most of us need coffee to start out a day at work. But some professions require employees to be highly caffeinated to get the job done. Here are the top professions that we think need the most caffeine.




Caffeine   Coffee  Caffeine  Hardworking  Job  Professions

Police officers are the number two profession that drinks the most coffee, according to a study by Pressat. With the irregular shifts and unpredictable day-to-day tasks, we can see why the police force needs to stay wired during their long shifts.

Many diners and smaller coffee shops will even provide free coffee for police officers in uniform during night shifts to help keep them awake until the morning.




Caffeine   Coffee  Caffeine  Hardworking  Job  Professions

The life of a firefighting profession is built on the day-to-day dangers of the job. In an instant, a firefighter has to get dressed and be ready to take on any type of unpredictable situation.

Fire departments generally arrive at the scene of a fire in under five minutes, so there isn’t really time to chug a cup of coffee and get moving. For this reason, firefighters must stay caffeinated and energized throughout their 10-24 hour shifts, prepared to enter any type of dangerous scenario.





Caffeine   Coffee  Caffeine  Hardworking  Job  Professions

Air traffic controllers are the people who work with a plane’s pilot to keep you safe when taking off and landing at an airport. At busy locations like Atlanta, JFK, or London Heathrow, you can see why this is one of the most stressful jobs in the world.

The schedule of a controller is erratic, with many shifts encompassing early evening to late mornings (sometimes 6pm to 10am). These professionals also tend to have irregular schedules throughout the week, keeping them from getting used to either day shift or night shift.

A normal week for a young controller includes 2-3 night shifts and 2-3 day shifts throughout a single week.

 Hence, the need for coffee.




Caffeine   Coffee  Caffeine  Hardworking  Job  Professions

Ah, the sleep schedule of a bartender. While many 20-something college students dream of being a hip, fun bartender, the job takes a toll on your energy levels.

Many bartending shifts begin between 4pm-6pm and finish up long after the bar closes, sometimes close to 4am. While drinking on the job may be discouraged, many bartenders swig cups of coffee instead of shots to help them stay quick and efficient during a long, busy weekend shift or awake and personable on a slow Tuesday afternoon.




Caffeine   Coffee  Caffeine  Hardworking  Job  Professions

Thanks to the rise in car-sharing applications and services, apps like Uber and Lyft drivers can make their own flexible schedules to fit their needs. For some, this means sleeping in and starting after a cup of joe before starting work.

For others, though, Uber is an extra source of income after a full-time job, starting right after they leave the office.






Caffeine   Coffee  Caffeine  Hardworking  Job  Professions

Members of any branch of the armed forces must stay in peak condition and be alert at all times. Any scenario is possible, and it is vital to be ready to act at any moment.

Members of the armed forces, including those in boot camp and the reserves, need extreme caffeine to help them adjust to new time zones, stay on their A-game during times of crisis, and be a supportive team member.




Caffeine   Coffee  Caffeine  Hardworking  Job  Professions

“Neither rain nor snow” stops the day of a busy mail carrier. Their day often begins around 7am, when they have to sort through the day’s deliveries and plan their route.


There is no set schedule, and the time that a mail carrier ends work completely depends on when his or her route ends. To get through this busy and unpredictable day (especially during any type of busy holiday season), mail carriers consume high amounts of caffeine.




Caffeine   Coffee  Caffeine  Hardworking  Job  Professions

During the school year, teachers are the first people in the school building and the last ones every night. Unlike other professions, teachers and educators spend their time outside of work preparing lesson plans, grading papers, gathering supplies, and completing other tasks to prepare for work.


With an estimated 3.6 million teachers in the United States as of 2016, there is no wonder why many teachers’ lounges come stocked with coffee machines and Keurigs.




Caffeine   Coffee  Caffeine  Hardworking  Job  Professions

Twelve hour shifts in hospitals filled with terminal patients, stressed out families, and thousands of different medication schedules to keep track of. Need I say more?

Many nurses work shifts either from 7am to 7pm or from 7pm to 7am. During this time, the average nurse walks around 4 miles and drinks around 3-4 cups of coffee.

Unfortunately, many nurses cannot drink regularly caffeinated coffee, as they do not have time for bathroom breaks during their shifts. This has led to a major increase in consuming highly caffeinated coffees that pack a punch of energy without making them leave for a bathroom break every 30 minutes.

Does your profession belong on this list? Tell us about your job and caffeine habits in the comments.





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