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Attention Coffee Addicts: Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

Attention Coffee Addicts: Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

If you have a loved one, friend or neighbor who cannot go a day without a coffee, then you are hereby presented with some gift ideas for them. Some of the best gifts you can offer to your coffee lover friend is the one that will make them brew it themselves.

It is important that you get them something they will always use and cherish. You should make it right. Now you can choose any of the gifts from the list below.



1. Ninja Hot & Cold Brewed System $119.98


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There is no way a coffee lover will not love this machine. It can be used for full pot, fancy drinks or single serve. It is a very versatile coffee drink maker and is affordable. You can use it for cold or hot coffee.

2. Coffee & Chocolate Gift Boxes $50.00


(Image Source: Di Bruno Bros.)

This is an excellent recipe gift for any coffee lover. You can get this at any of the coffee stores for a friend who is a coffee addict. It is mostly wrapped in one piece and can contain more than three different flavors of chocolate to a coffee.

3. Bonavita Kettle $61.82


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Bonavita digital kettle is worth giving to any coffee lover. It looks very attractive when placed on the countertop. It can heat water to a maximum temperature of 212°F. It comes with a digital display that informs you of the temperature and the time before boiling point.

4. Bourbon-infused Coffee Beans $19.99


(Image Source: Fire Dept. Coffee)

This is a perfect gift for that fellow who cannot do without a coffee. Bourbon-infused coffee beans will make a unique coffee drink with exquisite taste and flavor.

5. A DIY Cold Brew Kit - $19.99


(Image Source: Thrive Market)

If you have a coffee lover and you know they want it cold, then this Do it yourself Cold brew kit will be a sparking offer to make.




6. Atlas Coffee Club $60.00 - $240.00


(Image Source: Atlas Coffee Club)

Atlas Coffee Club based in Texas is created to offer you a unique experience of coffee all around the world. It presents you with a specially roasted, flavored and packaged coffee that exudes its country of origin.

7. Angel’s Cup Sampler - Starts at $10.99

(Image Source: Angels' Cup)

If you have a loved one who likes taking samples of ingredients from their food or drink, then the Angel’s Cup will be a wonderful gift. This sampler allows the user to easily test coffees and detect their ingredients. It comes with an app that allows you to make tasting notes while improving on your taste bud’s capabilities.

8. Caffeine Necklace - $18.00


(Image Source: Etsy)

This special jewelry for coffee lovers is available in gold, silver, carbon black, and rose gold tone. It is a stylish necklace gift that can go along with a coffee bean gift.

9. Frank Body original coffee body scrub - $16.95


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This is made with roasted coffee bean, sea salt, sweet almond, and vitamin E. It works to give the skin a gentle and smoother look within seconds of its usage.

10. Customizable Drum Coffee Roaster


(Image Source: Sweet Maria's)

This Behmor 1600 Plus Coffee roaster is designed to help you enjoy the process of coffee roasting without having to worry about the smell of burnt coffee beans in your apartment. It comes with different roasting settings that can be customized to your taste. Moreover, it can roast a pound of coffee beans at a time.

11. FreshRoast Coffee Bean Roaster (Automatic) - $179.00


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This is an electric coffee bean roaster that can take 90 grams of coffee within 10 minutes. It is very affordable and is long-lasting to enable your loved one to thank you for a long time.



12. Khaw-Fee Manual Coffee Grinder - $24.62


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This hand grinder is a perfect gift for your coffee lover who likes to travel frequently. It is very beautiful and is made of glass and ceramic. It is easy to clean and is lightweight. The good thing about it is that it can grind just any coffee and can be taken along to anywhere.

13. Coffee Tea Towel - $14.99


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This a 100% cotton coffee towel which is designed by the American-based Claudia Pearson. It is lightweight and can be presented to just anyone who is in love with coffee.

14. Arabica Natural Coffee Scrub - $13.00


(Image Source: Art Naturals)

This is another power of coffee in action. It is major ingredients include grounded coffee, sweet almond oil, and shea butter. It has been proven to be very effective for the skin by replacing dead cells with new ones.

15. Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker - $29.95


(Image Source: Crate and Barrel)

Your coffee addict friend will be so interested to brew with this Aeropress especially if he’s also loves traveling. It is very easy to clean and comes with a travel bag. All you need to do is to rinse it quickly and then press.


16. Bodum Chambord Coffee maker - $39.98


(Image Source: Pinterest)

The Bodum Brand Coffee Press has been in existence since the 1950s. It is renowned for its beautiful products. It is one of the best ways to brew coffee without a need for paper filters. This is a good gift that can spur your relationship with your loved one.

17. Grady’s Cold Brew Coffee Kit - $30.00


(Image Source: Grady's Cold Brew)

Those who prefer it cold would drink it all year round. You can offer it to your friend who is so much into coffee. This DIY Coffee Kit that allows your friend to determine how his coffee will taste like from his home. Each of these can produce 10 glasses of coffee.

18. Hario V60 Coffee Pour Over Coffee Kit - $49.95


(Image Source: Williams Sonoma)

You should start your list of gifts for your coffee addict friends with the Hario Pour Over Kit. It comes with everything that is needed to make a coffee. Pairing this kit with a grinder setup will surprise your coffee lover friend. This product comes with 100 filters to make your coffee pure and blended.

19. Turkish Coffee Set $58.90


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This gift contains special coffee cups, coffee scoop, copper coffee pot, handle, coffee bean and saucers from Turkey. It can enable your coffee addict friend to have a taste of coffee that is brewed with different methods from his kitchen. This gift will make your friends and loved ones who are coffee addicts to crown you like their coffee legend.



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