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The Most Caffeinated Coffee Drinks And Recipes

The Most Caffeinated Coffee Drinks And Recipes

To many people, a mug of coffee is not only a part of their daily routine- it motivates them to wake up in the morning. For some enthusiast drinkers, sipping only one cup in the morning is just not enough.  

If you drink many cups of coffee every day, and you’re still not feeling full satisfaction, you should probably test a strong coffee brew or the most caffeinated coffee drink available.

Currently, the java brews are becoming stronger and the brands can provide enough of the desired intake of caffeine in one cup only.

One such coffee brand is the Biohazard Coffee. In this article, we will have a look at extremely caffeinated java beverages produced by some of the biggest coffee companies in the world and their coffee recipes.


  1. Starbucks Venti java



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Starbucks coffee chain markets numerous high-caffeine java beverages, although its brewed java has a very powerful effect. Remember that based on the brewing times plus other factors, caffeine amount within a single mug can differ.

However, FDA (Food and Drug Administration) recommends only one coffee of the Venti coffee beverage.

Preparing Starbucks Venti coffee

You will need the following ingredients in preparing for the most caffeinated Venti coffee:  10g of fresh ground coffee, 2 tablespoons of sugar, and 6 ounces of clean and fresh water.

  •       Personally grind your coffee grounds purchased from franchises of Starbucks if you want its taste to resemble Starbucks’
  •       Choose your favorite brewing method. It can either be a pour over, coffee press or traditional drip coffee. In this recipe, we will use the coffee press.
  •        Place your coarsely coffee grounds and sugar into the press, add hot water over the coffee grounds ensuring that they are completely saturated.
  •       Place plunger on the coffee press.
  •       Wait for about 4 minutes for the coffee to brew before pressing down the plunger.
  •       Press down the plunger and you can now finally enjoy your coffee.


biohazard coffee


  1.     Biohazard Coffee



(Image Source: Biohazard Coffee)


It uses the Arabica coffee beans that have 200% extra caffeine than the one in ordinary blends produced using the same type of coffee beans. It is publicized as the strongest coffee in the world currently available in the market. Unlike most coffee brands, this brand can easily be brewed at home.


You will need the following ingredients to prepare a brew iced Biohazard Coffee: coarse biohazard coffee grounds, mason jar, ice, and coffee filter.

  •       Load the mason jar up to a third with the Biohazard Coffee grounds
  •       Pour filtered fresh water whose temperature is below 40 degrees into the mason jar
  •       Thoroughly Shake the jar
  •       Leave the mixture in the jar for about 24 hours
  •       Put the coffee filter over a cup filled with ice, shake the mixture in the jar once more, then pour it over the filter and your coffee is finally ready.

  1. Dunkin Donuts coffee


dunkin donuts

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A large coffee cup is simply just not abundant; patrons of Dunklin Donuts can include a Turbo shot signature to this brew.

Turbo java refers to medium-roasted coffee grounds that are slightly more caffeinated than the original blend.

Combine them, and you are set for the whole day.

Preparations of Dunkin Donuts coffee

The ingredients include 9 cups of water, 5 tablespoons of fresh Dunkin donuts coffee grounds and 6 teaspoons of granulated sugar.

After you have all the necessary ingredients, proceed with the following steps:

  •       Brew the fresh Dunkin donuts coffee grounds with the 9 cups of H2O in the coffee pot.
  •       Pour the brewed coffee in a standard cup then add sugar and stir until it is completely mixed


biohazard coffee
  1. Grand caffé Americano by Starbucks



(Image Source: 1912 Pike)


Americanos involve a combination of espresso that is blended with hot water and the Starbucks Grande that consists of three full shots.

You will need the following ingredients in preparing the most caffeinated Americano café coffee:  2 tablespoons of sugar, 2 cups of water and 3 tablespoons of finely ground espresso coffee beans. The espresso beans can be purchased from franchises of Starbucks.

You can use an Aeropress or an espresso machine to prepare an Americano.


After you have all the necessary ingredients, proceed with the following steps:

  •       Place a paper filter in the Aeropress’ bottom
  •       Add some hot water in order to wet the filter
  •       Place the fine espresso ground into the Aeropress then add hot water
  •       Stir the mixture and allow it to steep for about five seconds
  •       Place the plunger then slowly plunge it down the Aeropress till it reaches the bottom. Your espresso is now ready to be used to make an Americano
  •       Pour hot water and sugar in a cup, stir then slowly add the espresso
  •       Serve the Americano instantly



  1. Peet’s Brewed coffee



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Peet’s is widely known for preparing strong tasting java from its process of deep roasting. However, despite its taste, the medium roast indeed has more caffeine. The Peet’s brewed java blend is the top seller in the national java house chain.


You will need the following ingredients to prepare the Peet’s cold brew: ice, two and a half cups of water and two-thirds cup of Peet’s coffee grounds

Follow the following steps after gathering these ingredients:

  •       Make a concentrated coffee brew in the drip coffee machine using water and the Peet’s coffee grounds
  •       After brewing, directly add the ice inside the carafe
  •       Properly stir the mixture using a wooden or plastic spoon till the ice completely melts
  •       Server the coffee over ice then add creamer and sweetener to taste

  1. Panera frozen fine quality Mocha


panera mocha

(Image Source: Panera)


The creamy sweet java drinks are not always caffeinated like their counterparts. However, do not be tricked by this Panera Frozen fine quality coffee as it will certainly keep you up.

Preparing the frozen mocha

Ingredients include a half cup of cold milk, 1 ounce of hot cocoa mix, half cup of ice, one and a quarter teaspoons of coffee granules, 2 tablespoons of whipped cream plus one and a half cups of vanilla ice cream.

After you have acquired all the necessary ingredients;

  •       Mix milk, coffee, ice cream, ice and hot cocoa in a blender
  •       Blend it until the mixture is smooth
  •       Pour the mixture into a tall glass
  •       Garnish it using the whipped cream

Those are some of the highly caffeinated coffee drinks that are available in the market and will certainly satisfy your coffee thirst.


biohazard coffee


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