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The Amazing Benefits of Coffee for Our Skin

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Coffee is among the top popular beverages in the world. There are various types of coffee beans, some of which can be used to make strong coffee such as the Biohazard Coffee.

Apart from the many health benefits which are largely related to the nutrients it contains and its chemical composition, coffee has some exceptional benefits to the skin. This is due to the fact that coffee contains a high capacity of antioxidant and high caffeine content that assists in the blood circulation.

Let’s discuss some of the popular benefits to the skin that are strongly linked with this amazing beverage.


1.     Reduces inflammation

The anti-inflammatory characteristics of caffeine make it an excellent way of getting rid of swelling and any redness that may appear on your skin and face.

Research shows that it functions so well to such an extent that its amazing performance can be compared to aspirin performance in minimizing puffiness.


Another experiment of determining coffee effectiveness proved that by including it like an added ingredient to creams with anti-inflammatory properties resulted in positive results, confirming coffee benefits the skin.


2.     Skin brightening

The Amazing Benefits of Coffee for Our Skin

The secret behind having beautiful and smooth skin is ensuring that your skin is healthy. This can effectively be achieved by ensuring that you stay protected from fungi, bacteria, and viruses that can potentially harm the face or affect the skin.


In order to brighten your skin, combine Epsom salt and coffee grounds in warm filtered water, then use the resulting mixture to thoroughly wash the face. Afterward, utilize similar grounds of coffee to exfoliate and massage your face, then rinse it again using similar coffee water.




3.     Skin tightening

Coffee also contains certain substances that assist in tightening of the skin. Caffeine is very effective in reducing the appearance of fine lines that form on the face. Additionally, it can eliminate the puffiness that appears in certain areas within the face. Caffeine is also included in numerous anti-aging commercial beauty products with the aim of minimizing the fine lines and tightening the skin.

Substantially, studies have demonstrated that caffeine hinders the abnormal growth of the cancer cells within the human body.


4.     Anti-oxidation

The Amazing Benefits of Coffee for Our Skin

Coffee has a content of antioxidants which is surprisingly even more than vegetables and fruits. These antioxidants are a viable solution in preventing damage of the skin that is caused by the Ultraviolet rays from sun exposure.


Studies have demonstrated that coffee application on the human skin provides a protective layer against harmful radiation through inhibition of a particular protein enzyme thus lowering the chances of getting cancer of the skin.


Additionally, the diuretic properties of coffee make it an excellent solution in curing the rosacea condition thus reducing the discomfort that is caused by irritation and redness experienced as a result of damage by the sun.


5.     Cellulite reduction

An extra coffee benefit to the skin is its ability to reduce cellulite due to the fact that the caffeine contained in coffee removes the water content in the fatty cells thus making cellulite appear diminished. Additionally, it makes the skin appear smooth.


As a matter of fact, researchers have demonstrated that commercial skin creams with caffeine as their ingredient are more effective in cellulite reduction by about 17%.

You can easily prepare your body scrub by combining pure gel of Aloe Vera, oil of vitamin E and coffee in a ratio of 1:1:2 and applying the resulting mixture to the skin. For optimum results, ensure that you use fine coffee grounds.


6.     Skin exfoliation

The Amazing Benefits of Coffee for Our Skin

Due to their texture, coffee grounds are excellently used as face scrub by assisting in eliminating dead cells and exfoliating the skin. This results in various benefits such as cleaner and smoother face. Additionally, it prevents dryness of the skin.


To prepare a face scrub, mix ½ cup of each ground coffee and brown sugar with a ¼ cup of the olive oil and directly apply the resulting fine paste on the skin by massaging it through circular motions. After completing applying this paste, rinse it water then apply moisturizer.




7.     Skin softening

A convenient face mask made up of coffee and cocoa can be made quickly and comfortably at home and are less costly than the facial treatment offered at the salons. This face mask is made by simply combining 2 spoons of ground coffee and cocoa powder, and then include about 3 tablespoons of milk plus one spoon of honey.


You may use yogurt rather than milk if you have oily skin. The resulting mixture is then directly applied on the face, wait for about thirty minutes then wash this face pack off using clean fresh water. The face pack will certainly result in hydrated, softer and healthier skin. It also tightens your skin pores.


8.     Reduces puffiness and dark circles

The Amazing Benefits of Coffee for Our Skin

Coffee has the ability to reduce dark circles & puffiness in the eyes. This is facilitated by the anti-inflammatory property in caffeine that helps it to minimize blood accumulation under the eyes thus preventing the formation of the dark circles. Caffeine is very effective to the extent that each and every commercial product that is marketed for erasing the dark circles contains reasonable caffeine content in its production formula.


However, it is worth noting that puffiness under the eyes and dark circles can be as a result of various factors such as sleep deprivation, allergies, hereditary factors, and dehydration. Despite the fact that caffeine can control the excessive flow of blood, it can eliminate dark circles caused by hereditary factors.


Additionally, caffeine and other compounds such as methylxanthine that are found in coffee tend to have a certain diuretic effect that helps in edema reduction or the swollen tissues as a result of retaining excess fluid.

We can, therefore, conclude that, apart from the health benefits of coffee such as liver protection, enhanced cognition among others, there are certain health benefits coffee has on our skin.




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