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Brewing the Most Caffeinated Turkish Coffee

brewing most caffeinated turkish coffee

This is a traditional beverage that is very popular in Turkey and some parts of Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

You don’t require many items in order to prepare this Turkish delight. You only need to ensure that you have some water, intensely ground fine java, some sugar and of course some patience.

The coffee beans can be ground by an electric grinder using its finest setting or the Turkish coffee mill. The most commonly used types of coffee beans in preparing Turkish coffee are the Arabica coffee beans.

In this article, we will look at ways of preparing highly caffeinated Turkish java using various tips and procedures. Keep in mind that you need Turkish coffee pots; traditionally referred to as Turkish Ibrik; if you want your coffee to be really authentic. Additionally, note that having the right equipment is very crucial if you are to prepare Turkish coffee.


Best coffee beans for preparing Turkish Coffee.


Traditionally, the Arabica coffee beans which are native to some African countries were preferred in preparing Turkish coffee, though Brazilian coffee beans are currently being used. African coffee beans have a unique flavor. These beans can also be preserved using lighter roasts the passed into your brew.

Coffee roast

Coffee beans used for preparing Turkish coffee are mostly medium-dark roasted. Traditionally, Turkish roasters used dark roasts. Roasting of coffee beans is very important as it provides the coffee with its amazing taste.

Grinding the Turkish coffee


Roasted coffee beans should then be ground into a fine coffee ground size and then milled into the powder form. This increases the rate of extraction and enhances efficient dissolution of soluble solids thus giving the Turkish coffee the unique body.

Authentic Turkish coffee can be acquired by using a manual or commercial machine that will produce the fine grind. Additionally, you can try out manual grinding to obtain a really finely ground.

It is also worth noting that the use of domestic grinders may not produce the grind sizes recommended for Turkish coffee due to the fact that their motors may not be strong enough to generate the force needed.


Taste of Turkish Coffee


I can certainly assure you that the taste of Turkish coffee is nothing close to all the other coffee drinks that you have ever tasted. This coffee beverage is dark and can be seen as a very strong coffee. Classic coffee recipes suggest that you may add some sugar in order to taste.

Turkish coffee has some attributes of espresso and its bitter side is little. However, with the brewing type used, the espresso brightness is missing. Its taste and aroma can be compared to the brew of the French press though it is more flavorful.

Fine coffee grounds used enhances the extra aroma and flavor, more oils, other solids, and more sugars to be passed into the Turkish coffee which is one of the reasons why it has most total dissolved solids (TDS) as compared to all the other brewing coffee methods.

Turkish coffee can easily be recognized by the color which is deep black and the foam that forms on the top.

You can include some spices which are finely ground into the Turkish coffee so as to get a lovely aroma. Some of the spices commonly used include saffron or the cardamom. Other spices may include rose water or clover. These spices should be added to the coffee at a specific ratio.

In order to make the Turkish coffee more caffeinated, boil it as recommended in some recipes. Boiling it longer will enable the caffeine amount in the brews to dissolve more into the coffee.



Pre-ground Turkish coffee


There is a real pre-ground Turkish coffee referred to as Mehmet Efendi that you can use the required fineness that is needed in grinding your roasted coffee beans.

Traditionally, the Turkish coffee was brewed in some hot sand that enhanced better transfer and temperature control.

Turkish Coffee Machine


(Image Source:

As we previously stated, brewing the Turkish coffee without the right is practically impossible. The best option is the gas stove since its burner is fairly hot as compared to the electric stove.

Alternatively, you can use a Turkish coffee machine with an excellently calibrated burner to ensure that brewing of the coffee occurs at the optimum temperature. This coffee maker considers all the Turkish brewing aspects so as to make sure that this operation is hands-free and the delicious coffee brewed is close to the traditional brew.

Preparing real Turkish java


Perfect Turkish coffee should be brewed preferably at temperatures below 158°F so that the froth which forms slightly below this temperature can be maintained. Froth is tasty and provides the coffee with a unique texture and taste. You can follow instructions on the following recipe so as to learn how Turkish coffee is prepared.

In order to prepare one cup of Turkish coffee, you will need the following ingredients:


  • 2 teaspoons of fine Biohazard Coffee grounds.
  • 1- 4 teaspoons of sugar.
  • approximately 50 ml of water.

If you have all the ingredients in the right amount, proceed with the following steps:


  1. Pour water; measured based on the serving cups you require; into the 8-ounce pot called the Turkish Ibrik.
  2. Put the coffee pot on a stove then maximize the knob so as to heat up the cold water. This is very essential if you want highly caffeinated coffee.
  3. Place all the remaining ingredients inside the Turkish brewing pot that is: finely ground coffee beans and sugar is added.
  4. Stir these ingredients for a minute then leave it so that the coffee can brew and settle to the bottom. At this very point, the heat flame should be low to ensure that the flavor of the coffee is maintained.
  5. Wait for the coffee to brew till it forms a foam on top without stirring it.
  6. Remove the foam from the pot and continue heating and brewing the coffee. This process may be repeated for about 3 to 4 times.
  7. Remove the coffee from the pot and serve it instantly in demitasse cups while it is still fresh and hot.


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