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Strong Coffee: The Perfect Hangover Cure

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You wake up with a pounding headache after a big night of drinking. You're feeling horrible with bad memories of the night before (we've all been there). You probably should have stopped after that last tequila shot but you decided to continue drinking. You want the hangover headache to go away, but you aren’t sure how? Besides a big greasy breakfast, look no further than your favorite cup of coffee for the perfect coffee hangover cure.



Coffee, Caffeine, Hangover, Alcohol, Health, Caffeine Hangover Cure

During a night out on the town, an individual generally consumes a fair amount of alcohol. Ethanol, a product left in our bodies after consuming alcoholic beverages, is what causes headaches and sensory sensitivities the morning after.

This chemical imbalance affects your metabolism and puts your entire body into disarray and your blood pressure rises.

Your hangover begins when you start your first drink. Acetate, a byproduct of alcohol, remains in your system for up to 24 hours after your last beverage. This enzyme, paired with dehydration, causes those pounding headaches that we all look forward to after a fun evening out.

People who consume more than 280g of ethanol [alcohol] per week have 3 times the increased Levels of Gamma-Glutamyl Transferase (GGT) as the average casual drinker. GGT is associated with negative hangover symptoms including light sensitivity, lethargy, and even liver disease with extreme alcohol consumption.  





Coffee, Caffeine, Hangover, Alcohol, Health, Caffeine Hangover Cure

To handle the nausea, pounding headaches, and dizziness that can accompany many hangovers, try brewing an extra cup of coffee.

Besides giving you a necessary jolt of energy in the morning, caffeine can elevate dopamine levels during a hangover, lifting your mood to help deal with the other negative side effects.

According to the Finland National Institute for Health and Welfare, individuals who consume five or more cups of coffee a day can reduce the GGT enzyme by 50%, making hangovers minimal, and fighting the damaging liver effects after heavy drinking.

Not to mention that caffeine can curb headaches, as proven by a study at Thomas Jefferson University.



Coffee, Caffeine, Hangover, Alcohol, Health, Caffeine Hangover Cure


After drinking some water and stomaching a light snack, a cup of coffee can be the perfect recipe for ending your hangover quickly. As much as you’d love to down a cup of joe right as you wake up, give yourself time to eat something solid before drinking coffee. This way, your stomach can settle before starting your day.

Prepare your cold brew the night before (if you remember), or brew a nice, strong cup of coffee to end your headache and stop other symptoms in their tracks.

And for those who usually start the day with coffee, keeping the normal routing can get you back on track and feeling like your normal self in no time.




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