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How To Make World's Strongest Espresso Coffee

world's strongest espresso coffee

What is espresso? Espresso is strong black coffee made by forcing steam through ground coffee beans resulting in the ultimate coffee heaven. Espresso is also the star of many coffee favorites, such as the latte, cappuccino, macchiato, and more. But how do you make an espresso even stronger?



Serves: 1 doubleshot

Filtered Water

Espresso Machine 

18-21 grams of Biohazard Coffee



Brew time: 25 min 

1. Fill your espresso machine’s reservoir. Make sure your water is cold and filtered for the best taste for the strongest coffee!

How to Make Strong Espresso Coffee - Coffee machine water refill


2. Turn on your machine and give it time to heat up to 195-205ºF, which will take approximately 15 minutes depending on your espresso machine.

How to Make Strong Espresso Coffee - Vintage pressure gauge on blurred background with arrow pointing on 200 mark


3. Lock an empty portafilter in the grouphead and run the machine for a few seconds. This allows your espresso machine to bring fresh water to the front and heat up the parts that get closest to your coffee. Then, wipe off the inside of the portafilter and underneath the grouphead till they are clean and dry.


How to Make Strong Espresso Coffee - Barista cleaning portafilter. Vintage tone. Selective Focus.


4. Grind some strong Biohazard Coffee till it begins to clump loosely and appear powdery, but still feel gritty when rubbed between your fingers.


5. Dose about 18 to 21 grams of freshly ground Biohazard Coffee into the portafilter. Rotate the portafilter so that the grounds settle evenly and then use your fingers to level the grounds to fill any air pockets.


6. Using your wrist, arm and elbow positioned directly over the center of the portafilter press down using the tamper. Make sure to press evenly to make sure the dry puck of coffee appears level.

How to Make Strong Espresso Coffee - Barista using tamper to press espresso coffee.



7. Place the portafilter to the grouphead and begin brewing your espresso.

How to Make Strong Espresso Coffee -Close-up of making coffee.


8. Begin infusion and end brew at predetermined yield (about 2 fluid ounces of coffee).

9. Drink and enjoy your freshly brewed espresso!



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