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Popular Video Games in 2019

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Be prepared since 2019 is looking to be one special year for all you gamer fans out there. This year you will need to stock up on your Biohazard Coffee because the video games this year will have you up all night playing until you complete each game. Every year game developers surprise us with their new releases and all gamers will be talking about the good and the bad.

Either way, you are going to need your gamer fuel to see this year through. There are many talks that this year will be the final year for this generation's best developers. Gamers have the special feeling that 2019 could be the very last year of these generation consoles. Which means that there are loads of reasons to believe 2019 will be victorious; considering the final years of consoles are very often remarkably the best ones.

Sneak peeks into the best video games being released in 2019 shows that there are a wide variety of various titles ranking at the very top of the most awaited video games to be released, even action adventure games. RPGs are branching out to online shooters and we will get to see the return of the biggest horror games that have ever been made.

2019 is planned to be full of the types of games to get gaming lounges talking. As there are many games due to be released such as Ghost of the Tsushima and Halo Infinite, there is no confirmation as to whether they will be available in 2019. These games are shaping up to be in with the most popular video games however we shall stick to listing those that are confirmed to be released in 2019.

2019 will see a new era in game releases. 2018 saw a year of spectacular graphics which provided realistic environments which in turn created a perfect backdrop for the stories that were told through the games.

Without further ado, make sure you have your gamer coffee at the ready because here are the popular 2019 video games:


To be played on PS4, XBOX and PC

Anthem(Image Source: Electronic Arts)


Created by Bioware, Anthem is up there as the most spoken about the video game at the studio. Announced a year ago the title is still raising questions of originality. This online shooter game suggests that the multiplayer experience may just be what is needed to produce the greatest sci-fi experience. It is certainly geared up to departure the house that RPGs built but will it fulfill everything that the developer BioWare has hoped for?


Crackdown 3

To be played on Xbox and PC

Crackdown 3(Image Source: Xbox)


Nearly 8 years on since Crackdown 2 was released, Crackdown 3 is set to return with Microsoft’s open-world which is a breath of fresh air. Superhero fans will enjoy the video gameplay as it is set to allow players a chance to be wild in the metro setting.


For Crackdown 3 to show it’s good enough in the Crackdown series it must remind gamers what it feels like to jump from the highest buildings in the city and storm into the streets. It will have the advanced casual gameplay seen in the first 2 games enough to give us that feeling of thinking we are advancing into 2019 without taking away the originality.


biohazard coffee



To be played on PS4, Xbox and PC


Image Source: Trusted Reviews)


Remedy entertainment is up there among the best and most exciting game developers within the gaming culture. Remedy’s personality sees it separated from the rest as it infuses its personality into each game. From what we have seen so far of Control it leaves no doubts in our minds that it is going to be fully packed with Remedy’s trademark. Supernatural elements and bizarre physiological action will fill the game with excitement for each player.


Crash Team Nitro-Fueled Racing

To be played on PS4, Xbox, and Switch


(Image Source: YouTube)


Crash Team Nitro-Fueled Racing originally surprised fans when it won clearly over the amazing Mario Kart 8. Now its creators are back with a new release that is vowed to excite players even more and bring the thrill back to video gaming.


Crash Team Nitro-Fueled Racing continues its popularity from the past years as a big racing game so therefore we are optimistic as to whether the studio can pull this one off. With fantastic new modes and mechanics, this game is sure to stand out in the competition, the remake is to include just enough content to keep you playing another lap over the original.


Gears 5

To be played on Xbox and PC

Gears 5

(Image Source: Xbox)


Gears of War 4 was a turning point in the Xbox exclusive series. It planted seeds to ensure a deeper story in the Gears of War pure shooter series. Gears 5 aims at advancing the previous title with its more in-depth story for its soldiers who are trying to finish the vengeance mission. This game looks to be among Xbox One's final exclusives which could embody similar hope for the future that Xbox and Microsoft brands have.


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Luigi's Mansion 3

To be played on Switch

luigi mansion 3

(Image Source: Polygon)


Let's face it, Luigi's Mansion gaming franchise has been far from perfect, in fact, you could debate that it’s never really been very great. Yet the actual Luigi's Mansion on the GameCube launch captured the spirit of creativity and fun that has created that gap for Nintendo Games between else in the market. What will be very interesting to see is whether or not Nintendo has discovered a way of separating Luigi's Mansion 3 and bring the gameplay mechanics and equally clever creativity into 2019?


Team Sonic Racing

To be played on PS4, Xbox One and PC

team sonic racing

(Image Source: Polygon)

Sonic Racing games are nowhere near Mario Kart games. Recent Sonic racing games have closed the gap, not by recreating Mario kart but by including elements that are not present in the Mario Kart games. This year's Team Sonic Racing is set to evolve even further, including new mechanics and multiplayer modes which will see a new rival feature which might turn it into something more than a racing game on the block.



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