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Light Roast Coffee VS. Dark Roast Coffee

light roast coffee vs dark roast coffee beans

Baristas, coffee aficionados and caffeine lovers alike enjoy throwing around the terms light and dark roast coffee. But what is light and dark roast coffee, and what does that mean for caffeine?




light roast coffee


So what is a light roast coffee? Light or blonde roast beans are simply roasted for less time than dark roast beans. Some experts equate it to cooking meat. Blonde roasts are more like a rare steak, while dark roasts can be compared to a well-done steak.

Blonde roasts are lighter in color, sometimes looking more like peanuts than coffee beans. The beans are also smaller than dark roast beans.
Light roast coffee beans are known for having more complex flavors since they have been more delicately roasted. Some of the most common blonde roast coffee flavors have fruity or tangy notes.

Surprisingly, light roasts are commonly more caffeinated than dark roasts. However, collection, soaking and storing processes can also impact the amount of caffeine found in your cup of coffee.

Fans of light roast coffee beans say that the rich, bold flavor gives them a jolt of energy before the caffeine even hits their system.




dark roast

Dark roast coffees have been roasted for a longer amount of time. This deep roasting can allow richer flavors to be exposed more fully than blonde roasts.

These beans are darker in color, ranging from a medium brown to a black color. Dark roast coffees are also typically larger than light roast beans since they expand during the roasting process.








Generally speaking, the caffeine level decreases as the roast gets darker, indicating light roast coffee beans tend to have more caffeine. However, the amount of caffeine in your brew also depends on who you are buying beans from.

Some dark roast coffees have an intense amount of caffeine while some blonde roasts are low in caffeine. Make sure to ask your roaster or barista about caffeine content before making any assumptions.

Remember that caffeine content and the roasting process do not have a direct relationship. While many light roast coffee beans and ground tend to have more caffeine than dark roast beans, this is not always the case.






With 928mg of caffeine per 12 fluid ounce serving, Biohazard Coffee is an extremely caffeinated coffee that still has a bold, strong flavor. We believe that you should never have to sacrifice taste for an extra boost of caffeine.

Biohazard Coffee is a light roast coffee with 4 times the amount of caffeine as a typical cup of coffee. How do we do it? Naturally, with no additives or preservatives.

Are you a light roast fan, or do you prefer your dark roasts? Let us know in the comments.




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