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Different Ways to Brew Coffee WITHOUT a Coffee Maker

brew coffee without a coffee maker

You wake up and there’s no coffee maker in sight, not even a french press. How will you survive? Here’s a list of alternatives to brewing coffee that will have you feeling like MacGyver.





The cowboy method is the definition of making do with what you got. All you need for this method is a pot, a heat source, ground coffee and some water. The cowboy method is perfect for camping however, you can use an alternate source of heat other than a campfire. A Cowboy hat is optional.

 A Cowboy hat is optional.




Young woman opening the microwave


The microwave method is perfect if you need coffee and you need it STAT. Fill your mug with water and nuke it in the microwave for about two minutes. Then stir in a tablespoon of Biohazard Coffee grounds. Don’t worry, they’re supposed to make a sizzling sound when you add them in. Your mug should sit for four minutes before drinking to allow the grounds to settle to the bottom. Make sure to leave the last sip that will be full of coffee grounds, unless you like to chew your coffee.


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The coffee bag method utilizes a minimal amount of items: hot water, a coffee filter, and string. Essentially, this method is about creating your own makeshift coffee bag and dunking it into a mug of hot water, then allowing your coffee to steep for about four minutes. You can even use any type of cloth-like material if you’re out of coffee filters. If a string is hard to come by during your rush, you can also use a rubber band or a clean hair elastic. Make sure not to squeeze your coffee bag when it’s finished steeping.




A person pouring milk into a cup of cold brew coffee in a mason jar, in a cafe, on a table with a water jug and succulent plant on it


As they say, “Good things come to those who wait” and that is definitely true when it comes to cold brew coffee. So if you have a great amount of patience and a craving for cold brew, this method is perfect for you. For this method you need, two large containers, coarsely ground Biohazard Coffee, and a filter. You can also choose to utilize a strainer and a pour over dripper. If you have a french press close at hand, click here to learn an alternative way to make a cold brew.


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So whether your friend dragged you on a camping trip or if you find yourself in the middle of a post-apocalyptic world, there’s no reason to go without your morning coffee.

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