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Best Ways to Stay Awake At Work

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Let’s be real, not all of us are as energetic as the Energizer Bunny, which is why 3/4 of the American population drinks 2-3 cups of coffee a day. So, when the inevitable afternoon slump approaches, try out some of these effective ways to stay awake at work.




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Whether it’s a walk around the block or heading to the gym on your lunch break, getting some fresh air and endorphins flowing always helps to keep the mind and body alert. If you can’t make it out of the office building, try running up and down a few flights of stairs to get the heart pumping.



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We know, of course a coffee blog is going to suggest this. But seriously, a quick caffeine boost is sometimes all you need when you need to stay awake at work. One cup of Biohazard Coffee will keep you buzzed (928mg caffeine per cup kind of buzzed) all day and all night.






Take a leaf out of this guy's book. Although this may not be the easiest option for the office working folk, studies by the The National Sleep Foundation have shown that taking a 20-30 minute nap helps significantly increase alertness and productivity.

Option B? Sleep Pods/ A nice, cozy spot for you to nap in the big city. Nap York provides sleeping pods for $10 per 1/2 hour. Perfect for right before that 4pm team meeting. 



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What’s that saying? Mind over matter? Now we’re no neuroscientists here at Biohazard Coffee but it’s a little-known fact that when the brain is stimulated, the body follows suit.

We find these brain exercise apps to be super fun and effective.

Luminosity - Includes puzzles, memory, problem solving, logic and critical thinking exercises. 

Left Vs. Right - Designed to test awareness, adaptability, reflex, reasoning, precision and patience. 

Peak - Includes 40 unique games, each developed by neuroscientists and game experts to challenge cognitive skills. 

Sudoku - World famous number placement and logic game. 

Flow - Match colors and pipes, adjustable difficulty levels and board sizes. 


Let us know in the comments how you stay energized during the day, it’d be awesome to hear from you.




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