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5 Best Coffee Shops in NYC

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We are all on the hunt for the perfect coffee shop. It has to have the right ambiance, aesthetic value and, of course, incredible coffee. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite cafes and coffee shops all across our hometown of NYC.

Ground Central Coffee Company NYC


 Best Coffee Shops in NYCImage Courtesy of Ground Central Coffee Company


This small coffee shop is the busy person’s dream. With four locations spanning from Hell’s Kitchen to the Financial District in NYC, there is a reason why this place has become so popular. Ground Central’s relaxed, no-frills style makes you feel comfortable the moment you walk in.


When you visit, be sure to try a classic latte, created with passion and decorated with unique designs.

One Girl Cookies NYC

Best Coffee Shops in NYC

Looking for a classic cafe experience along with a delicious sweet treat? One Girls Cookies can provide the perfect experience for those who enjoy the mouthwatering smell of bakeries, while still enjoying a delicious caffeinated coffee drink.

Another great reason to check out One Girl Cookies? The prices are very reasonable, especially for their locations in Cobble Hill, Dumbo and Industry City in NYC.


Dr Smood NYC


Best Coffee Shops in NYCImage Courtesy of Dr Smood


Dr Smood is the modern New Yorker’s dream. This cafe in NYC serves every type of food, with a healthy twist. This healthy alternative does not take away from its caffeinated beverages, ranging from classic coffees to the signature Immortality Cold Brew, infused with chaga mushrooms.


The entire goal of Dr Smood is to offer ultra-healthy, super-delicious offerings, including its coffee offerings. The company uses white coffee, a lightly roasted bean that is low in acidity and high in caffeine. They also offer healthier dairy and sweetener options, for those looking to start their day on a healthier foot.


Best Coffee Shops in NYC


Little Skips NYC


Best Coffee Shops in NYC


Do you enjoy specialty coffee beverages all time of the year? Brooklyn’s Little Skips in NYC is a specialty coffee shop dedicated to unique and delicious coffee beverages for everybody’s taste.


This homey cafe boasts a wide variety of exclusive handcrafted beverages including the Jake & Taylor, a maple syrup latte. A perfect wintertime treat for those looking to caffeinate their commute.


Hole in the Wall NYC


Best Coffee Shops in NYC


This Australian restaurant nestled in the Financial District NYC is a favorite among both brunch enthusiasts and coffee fanatics. Check out some of their speciality caffeinated beverages from the Matcha Latte to an Aussie Iced Coffee, or stick with some old favorites, specialized to your liking.


There are always lots of events from free concerts to dog meetups, so be sure to check out their calendar before you go.


What are your favorite New York coffee shops? Have you tried any of these cafes in NYC? Let us know in the comments.


Best Coffee Shops in NYC


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