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The Best College Coffee Shops in America

best college coffee shops america

College students are some of the most caffeinated individuals in the country. With work, school, extracurricular activities and spending time with friends, many college students turn to cafes and coffee shops to squeeze in a cup of coffee. We’ve compiled a list of a few of the best campus coffee shops in the country.




tulane coffee

Photo Courtesy of Now New Orleans


New Orleans is a city full of rich history and incredible food. College students at Tulane University have claimed a historic spot as their own at Rue de la Course, a converted bank building turned cool coffee shop. The cafe is famous for its unique, casual atmosphere with classic French beverages and pastries.

College students love Rue for its simple, uncluttered design, making it a perfect study location. At any time, you will find study groups pouring over projects or Skyping family members to update them

You’ll be fixin’ to try their caffe latte, a New Orleans spin on the classic latte.






boston university coffee

This fun, retro spot is the ideal study location. It is a quiet, relaxing spot to sit down with a book, bring your laptop or finish up a group project. You can take the T to Columbus Avenue, and it drops you off right out front of Render Coffee.

This homey cafe is one of the best college coffee shops in Boston, and many students come for its famous pour-over coffee. It takes a few more minutes to brew than traditional coffee, but it’s well worth the wait.

Render uses Gracenote Coffee beans, a Boston-based roastery famous for its bold flavor. While you’re here, be sure to try Render’s hot hazelnut latte, a favorite for college students looking to warm up during finals season.




ucla coffee


This cafe is full of enough creative energy to get any college student motivated to finish those last-minute assignments. Named after the famous novel Fahrenheit 451, this unassuming spot is nestled inside the Young Research Library, where the novel was written by Ray Bradbury.

This casual college coffee shop features a selection of artisan coffee drinks and snacks to help fuel your all-nighter study session.

Students love this location for its easy-to-access location (directly in the library), quick service and delicious caffeinated drinks. Who knows? Maybe this cafe will inspire you to write the next great American novel.




texas am coffee

Image Courtesy of Lupa’s Coffee Facebook


Okay Aggies, this one’s for you.

Looking for the perfect brew to get you through your study session? Look no further than Lupa’s Coffee, the perfect spot for college students, studying, and hanging with friends and family. This spot serves all of your favorite coffee beverages, made to order fresh every day.

Looking for a study break? Lupa’s host events nearly every week including sunrise yoga, poetry readings, live music and other fun get-togethers for young people to hang out.






nyu coffee

Coffee Project New York is what some NYU college students call an “experimental coffee shop”. This unique space is a favorite for students and locals alike, who enjoy the relaxed atmosphere to sip some joe with friends, finish an essay or simply de-stress after a long day of classes.

This cozy cafe is perfect for a study date or solo adventure since the space is pretty tight. What it lacks in space, it makes up for in unique decoration and atmosphere.

While you’re here, try their famous Deconstructed Latte, a flavor experience unlike any other. What is a Deconstructed Latte? It’s exactly what it sounds like- milk and espresso in separate glasses, meant to be enjoyed separately, alongside a fully combined latte. It is meant to be enjoyed as a tasting experience that allows you to enjoy each ingredient and appreciate them in the latte even more.
What is your go-to college coffee shop or cafe? Have you visited any of these places? Let us know in the comments.



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