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Can Drinking Coffee Fuel Your Workout?

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Caffeine helps boost energy, so why not add it to your workout routine too? For centuries, people have speculated caffeine’s role in exercise, and the results are pretty surprising.




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Coffee contains high levels of caffeine, a stimulant that boosts energy levels to keep individuals awake and alert for long periods of time.

For many years, athletes have been consuming high levels of caffeine to stay alert and be “on their game” for performances and practices.

According to the US National Library of Medicine, caffeine is proven to increase speed and power output, allowing athletes to perform to their full potential. Many gym rats and athletes turn to energy drinks to fuel their workouts, but the high levels of sugar and added chemicals can actually make users feel exhausted immediately after use.

Drinking strong coffee is a great alternative, providing steady energy without a sudden crash mid-race.




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So how exactly does coffee fuel your workout? Besides giving you a boost of much-needed energy, it provides several health benefits that burns fat more effectively and increases overall performance.

The caffeine found in a strong cup of coffee causes the body to burn fat cells as energy, promoting fat loss during exercise.

To add to the benefit, drink a high caffeine coffee to boost your metabolism and keep fat burning long after your gym session.

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Caffeine also provides the mental stamina and focus that helps get you over the mid-routine hump and encourages you to go faster, for longer.


The British Journal of Sports Medicine found that runners in particular benefit from consuming strong coffee before a race. One study found that those who drank coffee before a sprint finished the race 4.2 seconds faster than when they did not drink coffee.




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Downing a cup of joe before or after a workout can help athletes quicken recovery time, helping them be more ready for the next day’s exercises.

Researchers at RMIT University found that athletes who drink strong coffee after a workout have steady levels of blood glucose after workouts, making them more prepared for the next day’s routine.

A study conducted at the University of Illinois found that those who consumed caffeine before a workout were less sore and experienced less pain after workouts than control groups who did not drink coffee. This makes caffeine-drinkers more ready to take on the gym each day without the risk of burning out.

Drink up, exercise enthusiasts! Caffeine fuels your workout and helps speed up recovery time. What are you waiting for? Brew yourself a cup of high caffeine coffee, and take on the gym like never before.


Do you drink coffee before or after your workout? Let us know in the comments!


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